Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello everybody!!

Today is Meiqi's birthday!
happy birthday twin! (:
love you always!

cannot make the font big!
sad sia!

ytd, a terrible thing happened.
aiya... suan le!
dun say!



ok gtg!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

i strongly believe, there's a rainbow after every thuderstorm!

finally blogger ok already!
another thing is,
i'm very happy!
ok... just to tell de truth, i need a surgery cos i have abccess....
i think its spelt this way.... i dunno!
dan right... miracle happened!
the thing burst....
its suppose to be very very jia lat one ok!
you nvr noe de pain that one abccessian have to go through!
and miraculously, the thing burst today!
i'm very happy!
yes ar!
i tot no need surgery already!
but i still need surgery to clean de remaining ones.
sad i noe...
small surgery!
but just imaagine u having to be under de needles!
and dext in between ur skin and flesh!
ok i'm scaring myself now!
ok lar. the thing now smaller.
but still has some sharp pains!
not the time to blog now!
i have many things to do!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flames to dust.
Lovers to friends.
Why do all good things come to an end?


Yoh ppl...

just came back from oral....
so far so good....
the easiest passage since i stepped into ping yi.
can pass well bahs !

i'm still worried for tmr!
sian to de mazxczxczxc

neh mind.

those who noes whats going on,
thanks for those concerns!
especially miss ong meiqi !
thanks for your encouragements!

will try and be strong.
Gleneagles hospital..


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

helpless momeeents...

lol! blogger come out de edit photos got de icon!
but cannot press..... zzz!


i dunno wad to say.....
everything is too fast.........
too fast for me too accept at one go!

i nvr felt so.... helpless.... before....

i must hold back those tears....
i must not cry!
i must be strong!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am Second Sylvia Lo si ya !!
Today sylvia will go to wedding dinner with ah ma !!! =DDD

From : the passerby !! hahahas!

wad bout me?

Hello everybody!

blogger doesn't let me upload pics!

the icon is still not there!
and also i addded a "banner"on de top!
if not my blog very de plain! Lol!

ytd night something bad happened.
i'll always be there for you girl.! (:
nth will hapeen!
and also, stay strong! (:

and today, there is a freaking spammer.
lol! no life la!
use the time to study la!
isn't it better?
and i dun understand y u have to put dwn de hp number!
nvm la!
dun bother you!
happy spamming...

ok luhs!
time to study!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

dun affect dun affect!



just a note....

wadevr i tell u, dun let it really affect you okays?
promise me you'll live happily!

you noe hu you are! =D


Sylvia is dumb dumb dumb!

i m y . . . . .

Now blogger ok already!

but hoe to put pictures and edit fonts?
can upgrade fully or not?

but at the most can blog la!

nth much to say!
but i'm revising my physics a lot today!
not a lot but i can rememeber quite a lot!

will be studying a lot today! (:

tmr will bw meiqi and dennis 1 year!
how good!
last long! (:

as time is passing by quickly,
a lot of things are changing already....
somethings which have not been changed are not to be mentioned.


Friday, July 24, 2009


blogger still liddat!

went to sku!
feeling terrible during maths....

took pink form and went home!

slept a while...
meiqi twins came and we went to eat!
after that bused to bedok and see doc!

i have a sore throat!
thats all!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm still sick! sad!


blogger is still liddat!
how to publish photos and etcetc!


stayed at home for the whole day!
sleep sleep and sleep!
its cos of the medicine!

and studied a lil abit as well...
i guess i missed many things in sku?

2 days MC is just like time to rest.
There are many undone homeworks and assesment!

but i dun even have the slight energy to do it...

because once i face words again, i'll be sleepy! not an excuse for not doing homework i swear. !


thanks for those that ask me to take care, rest well etc!
i'm getting a lot better le!
will be able to join u guys in sku tmr! (:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i do not care.

i miss de past...
lastly, i miss you....

sick sick sick!

Back from....
I'm really suffering man!

and also... doc asked me to rest well...
gave me another day MC!

fever goes up and dwn...
next week is prelimm....
i better work hard this two days!
i have to study!

so do i still take my medicine?
cos it makes me sleep! ):


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i'm very sick now!

i dunno why blogger turns out to be so funny la!

Something is wrong with the blogger here.

we are now experiencing de solar eclipse.

but wad is worse is that its raining....

will update again!


Monday, July 20, 2009

When i dun have the world, i have myself.

sku life is really a disaster...
wake up early in de morning to go sku....
go there.... be it happy or sad, its a long day!
no matter how tired, i cannot fall asleep.
prefect prefect and prefect!
ppl look upon u as a role model.
wadevr you do cannot br wrong!
you have to maintain yourself all de time.

teachers give homework as though nvr ending.
mountains and mountains of it...
after u climb one u have to climb another one...
after climbing there's hardly anytime to rest !
revision time!

but u find no motivation and self discipline to make myself study.
you will nvr want to trouble somebody hu cannot cope himself to help you out....
studies is a complete disaster.

feeling lonely...
missing the past i noe they're nvr gonna be de future.
i will always walk alone no matter wad...
when i dun have the world, i have myself....


kobe byrant!



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yesterday in BB!
used lappy to take pics! (:

Today is MRT!
3 of us sqeezed into a 2 ppl seat...
and made a fool of ourselves! haha!

i just came back!
aiya i very lazy blog!
so summarise into a few sentence!
  • Quality time with Family is important!!!
  • de solar eclipse info might be wrong! maye dun have dark dark sky! sadness
  • Mrt trip was fun!
  • Went to pray god of wealth!
  • bb

live long, earth...

hello people

something interesting to share with you peeps~!
this coming wednesday,
22nd July, there will be some sort of solar eclipse thingy!
i dunno de exact word or name!

aiya! earth and sun kena divided by moon la!
go and see....

next up is the year 2012 21 December
which is "supposingly"to be de world's doomsday!
i dunno if we have to or are we going to believe it...
but there are many many internet and books to support all of them...
we'll just wait and see!
but i hope the doomsday will nvr come...
i wanna live longer. ):

ok la!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

once in a blue blue moon....

Hello people.....
I'm possting just right outside shop!

i'm so glad that i somehow managed to find some connections here!

and also,
will be going swimming later!
my leg is is pain!
cos ytd de PE use too much muscle....

but anw,
i hope i wun throw face badly la! haha!

pain i noe!

i dunno what to post already!
hopefully something nice will happen la! haha!


Friday, July 17, 2009



Hello everyone.... i'm so sian.

just came back from Tamp with twin!
love it!
and very funny too!
especially bout the ntuc thing....

wads worse is the MRT part...
seriously makes blood boil....
cos there's too much MRT in front,
it took me like 30 minutes which feels like years to me to reach bedok.....

not a very good day.....

I miss Genting, Wuhan and u...

This pic is not well-ly edited....
but i just wanna say, i miss GENTING AND WUHAN VERY MUCH! ):
if you can see in de picture,
it is a combination of 3 pictures....
1 is me,
another is genting theme park view..
last is Wuhan de Huang he lou....

will post again later.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

i dream of you.........

Hello everyone....
i'm dead beat....

sku was ok!
but today seems very tiring............
'maybe cos its a long long day for me.......................

nth much le.............................

i gotta rush msy F&N out...............

p.s: isn't in the best of mood.... sory

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

think back... reminisce....

sku is ok!
buck up! (:

thanks gold for teaching me maths!
having fun now and then! (:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

memories are always the best.... i miss those memories too! ):

Hello ppl!

its very late already....
not as late as you think it is....
its only 23:25!
i'm still not in bed!

and i'm having sku1
lucky tmr is wednesday1

another thing...
my family, is VIWAWA SIAO!
like, seriously!

i'm going to pack my bag and retire for the day!
nites1 (:

i'm happier....

not well taken...

but i will always be who i am!

Sylvia Lo! (:

sku was ok today!

had many emotional talks!

with yu ting in MT and Amandy in Library!

i love my twin meiqi and sisters forever! (:


Monday, July 13, 2009

the monday blues...

Hey... hello...

i'm so dead right now.....
dead tired de dead..
i dunno why... i have to drag myself to class this morning....

nth much happened!
except that for english, mr chan din come...
so ended up doing letter writing plans!
after that talked a lot with yu ting amandy and zi yu!
dumb and funny tok!

next up blasblas!
survey blasblas!

dan de highlight of the day!
i was very calm and ok ok until when it was a bout my turn.
there's butterflies in my tummy! =/

and i think i din do well....
but i think i cann pass more dan border line...........
hu wun be scared and such!
plus i toking also ji teh ji teh one.....

forget it..............

going to study le....
dan sleep early!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

everything kills!

Happy birthday Joey! (:

hello ppl!
basically today stayed at home and studied and played....
and went through my oral notes........
i'm very determined to score well for my english oral you see....
good luck to myself and the others tmr! ((:

viwawa-ed and had fun!
especially when i kicked the snail out!
满足感 a lot manszsxzsxczsxc!!! =p
fun fun fun fun!
and i became jie jie!
Repeat: Sylvia JieJie.......

went dwn to buy sweets to spam tmr!
lessons are going to be sian!
i think it will last me for a week or so!
share share too! (:

i gotta go revise my oral again and again! again... again and again again!


Saturday, July 11, 2009