Wednesday, September 30, 2009

how are you boy?


hah! i havent been blogging interesting stuffs lately huh?!?
i also dunno what to blog....
all de burning passions of mine for blogger has died a bit.
cos i used to blog 3 to 5 times a day last time ! haha!

and i'm not like xiaxue or celeste lah! hahaha!

studies wise....
sometimes its very hard to get into the study mood.
or when you study that study mood just died.
and then you will go pee pee, drink water, bla bla bla.
the worst worst worst temptation is computer.
see seee seeee!
thats de disadvantage of having a computerrrrrrr! roarrrr! ):
but, study stilll priority lah!

and somehow, i love my class!

Monday, September 28, 2009

i know i cant. bu i haave to.

Jia You for N levels!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


From the many many incidents that happened out of late,

i just have to say that:

  • It takes two hands to clap.
  • People likes to make a mountain out of a molehill.
  • Misunderstandings lead to CONFLICTS!
  • People are over KAPO already.
  • Support the rights and not the wrongs.
  • I'll always support MeiQi twin.
  • My maths is improving!



i dunnid your comment on the post if it actually offends.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

mad the mad ticks!

I studied almost the whole day today!
Mathematics you see!
i almost died studying.
so long. so many formulas!
must revise lol!


thank you teacher ONG MQ!
for that guide through webcams! (:
today cananot take pics.

went downtown east to fetch JOEY CHUA! (:
dan bla bla

and i'm homed! (:

Friday, September 25, 2009

a part of me, went with them

haha! '

i noe, very zilian!

ok! i want to sleep already.
byes byes!

wake up and study study study! ^^


granny and mummy and aunty is on their way to ipoh already.
i as dajie must take care of them already.
and also, i kinda miss ah ma la..


study hard gal!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

i will always support you! ARGH!

oh well,
click to enlarge lah!
love webcamming with meiqi!
twin always.

its good. very good.
too bad! you cant see wads inside.!





Wednesday, September 23, 2009

suckers of the universe.

It's a torture to remain silent after many things happened.
It's a misery to see but yet, cant do anything.
It's a pity that you REALLY cannot do anything.
It's scary when it is really out to find EBROTUL!!
It's frightening to face the reality.
It's sad when OCLSE people opposes you.
It suck when you just have to SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE. >:(

i hate it and i noe you do too!

* you dunno who i am refering to, you shut up.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009



when the river flows across a zone of rocks with different resistant,
the less resistant rocks get eroded much faster.
this cause a sudden change in gradient and causes the water to plunge thus forming a waterfall.
(formation of waterfall)

During faulting, rocks are uplifted. This results in a displacement of rocls where one layer of rock is higher than the other.
When a river flows across an area where faulting has occured, the gradient of the river bed drops suddenly and a waterfall is formed.
(formation of waterfall by faulting)

As the river overflows its banks and water is spread out over a larger area, the speed of flow is reduced.
It begins to deposit is load, especially when the flood starts to subside.
The heavier and caorser materials will be deposited first on the immediate banks of the river while the finer and lighter materials such as silts and clay will be carried farther away from the banks before they are deposited.
In this way, the deposition process helps to sort out the load carried by the river according to size and weight.
Over a series of floods, sediments aer deposited layer upon layer.
As a result, a floodplain is formed.
(formation of floodplain)

The accumulation of coarser materials on the banks of the river helps to raise the banks higher than the floodplain. forming leeves.
(formation of leeves)

When a river enters a body of water like a lake or the sea, its speed of flow is reduced.
This results in a decrease in the energy of the river and deposition of sediment takes place.
At the river's mouth, sand is deposited close to the shore, while fine silt and clay are carried farther out before being deposited. Over a long period of time, layers of sediment build up and eventually form an extensive platform at the river mouth called a delta.
(formation of delta)

The formation of delta depends on several factors.
First the river must carry a lot of sediment when entering the open sea.
Secondly, the tidal currents must not be too strong.
otherwise, the sediments will be washed out into the sea or pushed along the coast much faster than the river can deposit them.
Third, the coastal water should not be too great or else the sediment will not be deposited on the sea floor and will be dispersed into the sea instead.
(conditions for forming deltas)

Meanders are most common in the lower course of the river.
As erosion and deposition continue on the concave and convex banks respectively, a meander may become more and more pronounced and is separated by a narrow neck.
Eventually, the river breaks through the neck and flows through a straight channel.
The meander is eventually cut iff and us seperated fron the main river channel, thus forming an oxbow lake.
(formation of meander and oxbow lake)

ok la!

i noe very boring!
but i so hardworking!

and Bryan, i'm so not going to quit sku! (:
i'm going to stay there a seniorise you! (:
ok! tada! off for more revisions

Sunday, September 20, 2009

i still dunno how to face it.

Celebrated Grandma's and LeiLei's birthday!
first, me and suz went to buy cake...
buying 2 cakes was weird ok!
and later we roamed around Bedok.
i suddenly realised my receipt for the cakes was missing.
so i went back to the dustbin and find find find.
and even placed my hands.
like....... ZZZ!

dan later went back to the shop collected and walked to Block 18.
almost lost our way.
and chased after a maid in bicycle cos she oso going that block.
was sweating already when we reached.
ting, ying, joscelyn 5th aunt and uncle were already there.
played with joscelyn!
she's damn cute lah!
and ting and ying were like.... miao tiao!!

after that one by one come.
dan start the dinner.
talk talk eat eat play play.
fun ok!
dan later ah ma cut cake blow cake.

and the high high part came.
we went to Bedok the Cash Studio.
i almost died.
is like 19 ppl.
we squeezeed into thei medium room.
19 ppl if i were to repeat.
some sat on the floor, on the sofa, chairs and us, on the floor.
so we sang sang sang and my mummy and uncles got high.
my aunties were all gossiping as usual.
and de rest were looking.

dan later we sing sing sing.
UNTIL THE "FINALE" whereby we on children songs.
all the kids, all de uncles, all the aunties, my mummy.
damn high lah!
i seriously dun understand.

dan had 2nd round of cake cutting.
for lei lei.
dan we went home.
it was already 3am when we reached home.
and i bathed and slept!

ok enough of talking liao.
below are all the pictures.
all so not in sequence but since i'm free, i shall put caption! (:


kids with ah ma!!! zi sun man tang! (:

so cute hor! tilt ur heads la! haha!

yue er! (:

look here lah! i love her!

smile smile smile!!

suzanne was on good terms with her! that's surprising!

see i told you! she's really into suzanne!

last tym neopring! kinda random!

me singing in the dark! lalalal!

she sleep already! no matter how loud she wun wake up one!

this is like... only part of the family inside lah!

uncles and aunties! haha!

thats not a moon thats the light! haha!

and as well as the mess we created!

i told you there were many ppl! haha!

ya lah ! same thing. lei lei took all de lor. keep taking the sames.

dan that gal cut cake!

ah ma held her hand! haha!

the 2 bdae gals to be! haha!

this is also part of my breakfaast today! (:

look at her!
with all smile!
ready to eat the cake!
me and mei mei! she's becoming so slim!
jeanelle! (:

us! (: me sis and cous!

us agaon! (;

i think... we were like celebrating hari raya!
we're wearing the same clothes except that diff colours from lei lei!



cousins aagain1
Below are pics in coffee shop tzi char

ah ma cutting cake!

zi suns man tang!

thats my mummy beside me!

tilt your head to see my ah ma!!

wah! she's damn cute!

da jie loves joscelyn!

u love me too! (:

she is not scared! she's distrcted by all de... lai... look here! hahah!

me and my aunt

suznne must be doing smth to wreberd,

and for now...

oppps.... her sister! jos call her ah mei!

her sis.... jos call her dada! suppoosingly to be da jie!
bit i'm always da jie! (:


basically that's the end.

i just wanna say.

family are the best ppl on earth!