Thursday, April 30, 2009

stupid weather stupid fire drill~~

normal sku day!
which means normally sian!

maths lesson Mr Malek angry!
1st tym see him liddat!
very scary!

and homeroom period got the stupid fire drill!
and someone say i pretty! *AHEM*

and we were suffering dwn there ...

the stupid heat with litle wind
and the grass! so itchyyy!

and also...........
i'm back home!


and,,,, i miss you boy!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The ping pong show is over!

and my cousins are sad!
they miss ah wu!
some guy there!
and right......................

the new show, shu bao tai zhong!
is quite good i think!
let the students, parents, teachers, MOE, everybody...
reflect reflect a bit!

but i wun be watching the show!
cos 9 is my com timeeeeeee!


i still miss you super loads!
how to tell you? ):
ok! bbtc !
The outside if the toilet!
This is the insde!
damn scary is you're using it! haha

stupid and scary!!!


today is another normal day!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


): ): ): ):



ok.. sku was normal!
like.. normally sian!

dan later lessons bla bla bla!

dan recess time si damn wad!
jeslin ho kena scolding from many ppl sia!
dan right i suay suay sit beside her!
and dan she scold me leh!
she say she nvr give permission dan how can call her name?
dan i say jeslin!
dan she shout even louder " i nvr give permission"
dan i tell her relax!
dan i went away!

i really dun understand y call ppl name must have permission de?

but she's quite pitiful!
and i'm wondering if i'm mean!! >.<

dan after sku no english dan come home!


surpise to myself later! muhahas!

anw,, i miss you! ): again and again!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Good evening ppl!!

thanks to those hu gave me presents!

pl like: Tommy, Warisa, Sarah, Paulus, Pearlene, Ziyu Amandy and Juey!
thank you all though my bdae is like like belated belated! haha!

Lessons were like normal!
normally sian la!
except that English teacher nvr comes!

somehow now we keep wishing that teachers will be absent!

dan after sku came home and ate sushii and lunch!

dan went tamp1 and tm with suz!

bought a new tee!
and a new bag!
and left with no $$!!! ):

if only i know meiqi teins went home early!
dan i wud have jio-ed her there!

and also.... i miss you! like... i dunno why! but really miss!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

and i just packed my hello kitty cupboard! =D

well, i came across some quiz in facebook!
and now i'm going to share with you all!
the questions and the answers! =D
i mean my answer~


* means my answser!

1.Which of the following has a different meaning than the others?
-Overseas Chinese, Bukan Chinah
-Ang Mor
-Chiak Kantang*
-Keng Chio Kia

2.What is the meaning of Kopi-C?
-Coffee with more sugar
-Coffee with ice
-Coffee without milk
-Coffee with evaporated milk*

3.What is tea with more sugar and milk called?
-Teh-pua seo

4.Which one of the terms listed below has the same meaning as Fly Aeroplane?
-Pang Puay Kee*
-Pang Sai
-Pang Seh
-Pang Pui

5.Hokkien term literally meaning, "to eat snake". Means to goof off or skive.
-Chiak Tsua*
-Chiak Lui
-Chiak Pah Pak Ka Chng
-Chiak Pah Boh Sai Pang

6.Hokkien for "rough" or "crude", sometimes even "hard" and "demanding".
-Chiak Chow
-Chuay Si
-Chor Lor*
-Chik Ak

7.Means to completely not understand.
-Liak Boh Kiew*
-Liak Tio Kiew
-Boh Tio Kiew
-Chiak Tio Kiew

8.To describe someone standing by, looking on without helping out with a manual task.
-Eye Power

9.Hokkien for “not satisfied”. Usually used in a vaguely belligerent tone.
-Buay Swee
-Buay Tze Tong
-Buay Pai
Buay Song*

10.To provoke, irritate or disturb.
-Kao Peh
-Ji Seow*

11.Which one of the following term has the opposite meaning of Buay Sai?
-Lao Sai
-Eh Sai*
-Pang Sai
-Chiak Sai

12.Hokkien phrase literally meaning "owe a beating". It's used to describe someone who's asking to be beaten up.
-Kiam Pah*
-Kiam Siap
-Kiam Eh
-Kiam Chye

13.A term used to admonish someone for being cowardly.
-None of the above

14.A term used to describe someone who has nothing better to do.
-Boh Ji
-Boh Koh Leng
-Boh Kah Lan
-Boh Liao*

15.A term which means to be blind.
-Pattern Tzuay Kuay Badminton
-Bak Chew Tak Stamp*
-Saht Saht Boh Chioh
-None of the above

16.Means to bluff, cause a diversion, confuse someone or bullshit. It's used commonly during examinations, when someone has no idea how to answer the question and has to bullshit all the way.

17.A term which means to ridicule or insult someone.

18.Which one of the following terms is not similar to the rest?
-Ah Pek
-Ah Soh
-Ah Beng
-Ah Kong*

19.Which of the following sentence is incorrect?
-"Eh, I'm si beh busy now. Don't come and ji seow me."
-"Tiam lah, I dowan to hear any more kau peh kau bu".
-"Why must he speak with that accent? Damn beh tahan!"
-"I spent all my money at the casino, so now I have to chia'h hong till payday."*

20.Which of the following sentence is incorrect?
-"I arrived at the number through agaration."
-"This is a serious job, okay, you cannot anyhow whack."*
-"Checkout that Ah Pooi, man. Damn chio!"
-"Aiyah, almost 5am oreddy and still haven't finish studying for the exam. C.M.I. liao, lah!"


and th result is :

Sylvia took the How good is your Singlish? quiz and the result is A - Your command of Singlish is Excellent!

Your command of Singlish is Excellent! You're a true blue Singaporean Ah Beng or Ah Lian who is able to participate in Kopitiam talks.


but singapore language "singlish" is funny in a way or another!

well, but to us, its nothing new!
and i really dunno.....
the meaning of boh kah lan!
means dun care!
by jayson!

anw...... i love this quiz!

but i'm definitely not an ah lian! =D

do anything to play like himmm!


Its early in the morning.....
i din have a nice sleep .....

another pimple out... gosh!

and also.....
today cannot go out!
cos of some stupid grounding thingy!!
MYE!!!!! )):

just finish watching Doraemon...
they should have hello kitty lor!

plans for the day:
eatch tv, sleep and studuy i hope!
and hopes that joey will come!
dan we can use her aS excuse to go out!

and also.....................................................
i havent got it sorted out!

i miss you still!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

6th post of the day!

i done many quiz while trying to kill time!

my eyes are quite swollen now and i dk y!

moving off to LaLaLand soon!

nites peeps!

Read those QUIZ!
i took many many time and effort to write all dwn!!
[01] Name : SYLVIA LO.
[02] Nickname : Many!!!! >.<
[03] Love Life : *BLANK*
[04] Zodiac Sign : Taurus
[05] Gender : Female
[06] Age : 16
[07] High School : Next TYM!
[08] College : -Next TYM
[09] Height : ***
[10] Weight : **
[11] Do you like yourself : I find myself ok.. but full of troubles now!
[12] Pierecing : PLS! STOP TOKING BOUT IT!!! )):
[13] Right or left : Right!
[14] Are you a freak : Yes i think;
15] Hair : Brown Ren Black...
[16] Skin : quite tan but ok ok! more of yellow?
[17] Allergic : NOSE, Bird Nest!
[18] What are you doing now : QUIZ!
[19] What will you do 1 hour later: Nobody predicts future!
[20] What will you do 10 years later :providing for myself!!
[21] Live with mother/father/parent/grandparents : Grandmother! ♥
[22] Cousin super close : JOEY!!!!

[56] Are you a good student: Maybe but i copy hmwks!
[57] You always done your homework/assignments: not really!
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most:Alot
[59] Always late to school/colleage: none!
[61] You love your seniors: i'm the senior!
[62] Senior who you love the most : Myself!
[63] Your classmates good/bad : Not bad! not good!
[64] Excellent result classmate : Nabilah and Jackson!
[65] Laziest classmate : many!
[66] Smart people : Jackson!
[67] Stupid people : a lot!
68] Good looking people : SYLVIA =P
[69] Ugly people : dnno
[70] Funny people : many!
[71] Cute people : SYLVIA =P
[72] Bad people : many!
[73] Honest people : SYLVIA=p
[74] Acting people : a lot!
[75] What kind of person are you? : a lot of adjectives!
[76] Lip or eyes : Both!
[77] Hugs or kisses : Both!
[78] Shorter or taller : Taller .
[79] Spicy or Sweet : Sweet.
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms :Both!
[81] Listener or talker : Both!
[82] Romantic or rich : Both!
[83] Good husband/wife or good father/mother :ALL!!
[84] Age to get marry : 26
[85] Numbers of kid(s) : 1 (its painful to get a baby outt!)
[86] Career : Businesswoman!
.[87] Salary :as high as possiblee!
[88] Retirement age :65
[89] Properties value :Millions! >.<
[90] Wishes :To solve wadevr trouble i got! NOW!
Name : Sylvia Lo
Birthday : 23 April 1993
Birthplace : red red dot... singapore! (:
Eye colour : White and black.....
Hair colour : a lil bit of red and brown and mostly black!
Right handed or Left handed : Right! ---->
My worst habit : Mistakes over and over again!!!!
Zodiac sign : Roostty!!
Parents still together : Yupppp
Shoes you wore today : Sch shoes and slippers.
Your weakness : Many! which are you talking about?
Your fears: ANIMALS!!!! DARK!!!! GHOST!!!!! ERRRIE SOUNDS!!!!
Goal you would like to achieve this year : Pass my "N" Levels and go up sec 5
Your overused phrase in Msn Instant Messenger : SYLVIA LO.
My favourite colours : Pink, Silver, Black, Red.....
Food : Many! =D
Animals :Small dogs i think... and they shud be called puppy!!
Ice cream : Chocolate!
Candy : Any! (:
Songs : Many Many!!

Who was th last person you touched : Eylwin Chua Wei Qian!
You talked on th phone : Mei Qi Twins!
You messaged : Mei Qi Twins!
You hugged : FoEylwin Chua Wei Qian
You yelled at : yelled MF at some guy! cos he's bloody irritating!
You played a sport : 2.4?!?!?!
Last time you laughed : Today.... with Twins in the train!
Time you cried : Just this evening....
Movie you watched :I think is "handsome suit"
Joke you told :Blackcurrant joke =D
Favourite hair colour : Brown and RED!!! ((:
Short or long hair :Long! >.<
Best clothing style : Shorts and anything~
Characters :S,M,J,B,D,Z!!!!!!
1.)Who is your last text from?
-Some Straaaanger whom i dunno asking wad i'm doing and i din reply!

2) Is there any chance you will get with the person you like?
-I dunno ):

3) Can you sleep in jeans?
-maybe not? i dun like... uncomfortable!!

4) Who was your last missed call from?
-Ya Qi to ask me go bb!

5) What are you listening to?
-Yue Man Yue Mei Li by Jolin!

6) How did you sleep last night?
-Sleep like normal! i dunno!

7) Does your phone ring in the middle of the night often?
-Ppl ask me to wake up and go toilet! zzz!

8) Do you have a friend that has a kid?
-Older friend yes!

9) What was the last thing you ate?
Tobelerone Choc from Amanda :D

10) Do you believe that if you want something bad enough , you will get it?
Some things, no matter how hard you try, will nvr be urs!

11) Do you think you type fast?
i think so... i'm like..... blogging damn often!

12) Will you wake up before 7 tomorrow?
No la! can sleep dun sleep! damn tired! zzz

13) Is there a person of the opposite gender on your mind?

14) Will you be in a relationship next month?
-mayeb a few hours b4, yes.... Now, Hard to say!

15) Did any particular thing brighten your day?
-You mean the run?or the outing? or wad?

16) Did your last outing involve a police?
-Does walking past Police Post counts?

17) When were the last time you were grounded?
-I dunno.... i think..... i really dunno!!! =X

18) Have you ever gotten butterflies?
-tatoo? fake 1 though....

19) When was the last time you went ice skating?
-4 months ago........

20) What you did yesterday?
-HELL!!! speech day!!!! boringgg!!!! >.<

21) Who will you be sleeping with tonight?

22) Do you do your own laundry?
-Sometimes depending on wad clothes!

23)Wearing any bracelets?

24) Do you feel awkward when strangers say HI to you?
-i dunno.... see lor... how i react at diff situations...

25) Do you hate being alone?
-When i'm happy, yes... When i'm sad, no....

26) What are your plans for tomorrow?
-I dunnno.....

27) Does anyone knows your password besides you?
-Yeah.... cos my acc has been hacked!

.28) What woke you up this morning?

29) Where are you?
-Home the Study room!

30) Do you kiss or hug anyone today?
-Eylwin Chua Wei Qian!

31) Where would you like to be right now?

32) Would you wait forever for someone?

33) Were you happy when you woke up today?
-Happy when i'm going to die in the run?!?!?!!? >.<

34) Closest green object to you?

35) What were you doing at 8 this morning?
-I think i was already running!!!!! dyinggg!!!!

36) What are you excited for?

37) Pissed of at anyone or anything?

38) Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
-More than one.... Including MISS ONG MEI QI AND CLIQUES! =D

i hurt you for another time!
even though we broke up already!
i'm sorry!
forget me bah!
such a useless gal!
find a better one! )):

Well, after meeting twins and Brandon, i came home!
yeah! quite fun to kill time with them!
exceopt that we have nowhere to slack.....

came home online and smthings happened!
unpleasant of cos!
cos i dun create pleassant stuufss anymore....
i dunno how to clear it! ):

and packed my clothes cupboard!
like..... finally!
and of cos.... i was...........Crying

afterwards.... came online and now i am here ...
still thinking of wad to do?
thus, i blogged!

i dunno!
i really dunno!

my bloody life is in a mess!
i will clear it up soon!


i made a fucking big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

too xia suay to say out my position liao la!
anw... damn tiring
run like want to die liddat!

dan later went to mac with tommy,paulus and kitty and friends!
not bad! very funny!

dan later i come home!

blog again at night! =D

Friday, April 24, 2009


但不知为什么, 当 candy 跑来抱着我的那瞬间,
我才知道, 原来, 我以对古筝有一份.......
一份无法形容的想念与热爱.... ):

Today was speech day...

How shud i say it?

And Zhang Li came to tell me that Many teachers feel we play very well...
apparently, we only managed to clinch a silver medal!
We tried hard...
so we put the effort into today...
i love it.... we played well...

and also i have many many pics!
but currently too tired to upload!
and also.... tmr got 2.4 with the Sec1!
i will lose many face if i lose to them which i seriously think i will! sad!

Everybody... pls pray that i will pass & nt lose to th sec 1!!!


and thank you Yuting HuiShan And Amanda for the belated gifts! =D

p.s: sorry to those i offended while being angry...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

welll, i'm just back from BB! ((; (bukit batok not basketball)

and also, well, scolding from my dad!
from issues long long way back!

to the open presents thing!

i love your Big Card!
seriously, those words touched my heart...
i want to say a very big big thank you to you!
i dun want you to leave!
but i definitely want you to go into poly!
and strive for better education!
and also....
i love you!♥

Brandon H LO And Kingsley Kitty forever:
thanks for the gifts and i'm surprised guys would get me those stuffs!
and also.... for the two papaer!
i ROFL-ed upon looking at that!
and thank you both super muchh!!

Isa And Gurleen:
thank you both for the cake!
it was simply delicious!
except that i dunno how to cut the nuts! ((:
the first batch of friend to surprise me with CAKE! =D

DeYuan Gor:
thank you for the kitty pouch and the
i swer i will nvr use it!
thank you!! =D

Suzanne sis, Jeanny and Hafika:
Although i'm not really close to you except for suz, still thank you all! =D
dun really expect !!
and also.. SUZANNE!
thanks fortaking my things to wrap it back and give it to me!
and also thanks for putting the receipt in th milk bottle!
$4.10!! i noe ((:

and those who put my big big name up in the blog and msn and stffs!
thank you! =D

and those hu sms-ed me!
special mention to the one who spammed 16 and 160!!

and those hu wish me!

i noe i'm being such a nag to keep thanking like mad!
but i'm really very touched!
especially to my cliques! =D

love you all!

thank you! =D
Hello everybody!

Happy Birthday to Myself! =D

and also, i wud really want to thanks cliques and friend for celebrating the day with me!
and to those who smsed me
and also in facebook, msn and such...
and those hu post into their blogs....
and those hu bought presents for me...
and those who shook my hands and wished me!
and those hu celebrated in the morning with me!

and the one and only hu shouted happy birthday in th canteen >.< !!

and also.... woke up quite early in the morning and went sku!
dan later most of them were late!
so surprised that kingsley kitty reach so early! =D

haha! and of cos, cut cake alll these!
dan later the cake was nice!
brownie cake!

and later went to lesson per normal! =D

dan later recess!
jesslyn ho made me ROFL and PS!

after that came home! haha!


i got no pics!
u cal go to some of them's blog and find it!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SORRY... My Bad!
Pictures as promised since.......
and overdueeee pics!!

HE TOOK THIS AND PUT AS MY WP! (Bobby took it! )




Me, Funny Bryan and He Tong

Yu Shen Nameerah & Me

Me and some juniors!

This is me.....

Amandy biting YuTing! Yuting Screaming in pain!!! AHHHHH!

And they act as jeslin HOHOHO!

SEE that Amandy! haha! Amandy HO