Monday, November 30, 2009

two is better than one(:

So maybe its true,
that i can't live without you.

And maybe two,
is better than one.


i somehow like this also(:
USUAL day...
nth much to post...
off to lala land soon!
pig! waiting for you to be back!

i miss you pig ):

Thanks to idk who and i kinda like this pic(:


regaining my USUAL days.
Working life i mean.

Kinda miss working.
but somehow, i miss Guzheng more.
got the sudden feel of wanting to go back school for Guzheng practices.
WOOO! i'm mad.

off to lunch alone at DWNTOWN!

baby is sleeping!


Sunday, November 29, 2009





but its okay, i'm going back this Thurs(:

so basically...

had fun last night sleeping.

BB! love you lots!
and i'm Stronger ^^


Saturday, November 28, 2009

i gotta feeling......
that tonight's gonna be a good night~

Typical sleeping day at home...
i slept the whole whole day...

practically, i slept a lot.
theorically, i'm tired.

Amazingly, i'm still sleepy...

Lastly, i miss baby!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Love Sick

Hello hello!

Sylvia is back back back(:
had lots of fun in Genting.
With MeiQi Twinneh, Bran, Ziyu, Jia Jia, Mei Shan and Kiki.
plus, MQ's parent's and her Bro's friends(:

This is gonna be a very "wordy" blog cos no pics.
all are zi lian pics and i dun think its a good idea to post all out here at a time.
most of the pics are in Meiqi's and Ziyu's Camera.
so will post them when i get it.
(and provided i'm not lazy)

Genting Eve:
Tonned at Meiqi's house after Brandon's lunch.
played card games with MQ, MS, Jia, Kiki, Ah Hsiang and YanKai.
was super noisy and high.
stopped after a while cos we were too noisy and went to sleep.
woke up after an hour and bathed and got ready.

sat in Meiqi's dad's lorry and off we went to Tamp1 to meet the rest.

Boarded the Coach and bid farewell to SG...
called Pig but he was sleeping.
sent him a long sms and said goodbye ):
missed him a lot.

the coach ride ended at around 12.30pm.
Checked into Resorts hotel and the Room was KNS!!!
thanks to her bro's friend help, we can change into a much more classy room.
forgotten wad we did on th first day.
Arcade i think. Forgotten!!!

went back to hotel and SLEPT(:
oh ya, was like, sick that day.
thanks to NO ENOUGH SLEEP!

Day 2:
Baby is sick ):

Woke up rather early and went to HAO YOU JI for Dim Sum Breakfast.
chiong to outdoor after that.
First ride was.... errr.... PIRATE SHIP.

2nd ride, space shot with Brandon was a DISASTER!
OMG! i'm so not going into details.
eh eh eh! at least i went up right!!
the rest no balls! dun dare go up! :X

3rd ride, CORKSCREW!
super shiok!
nice nice nice but it ended fast fast fast!

well, took many other rides after lunch.
Lunch was pizza hut and de food is not bad..
But the Efficiency CMI one lor.
thanks Bran for the treat.

played and played.
dan went arcade or wad.
i cant really rmb!
but there were many clowns! OMG!

shouted at the rides like some crazy kids.
was like kinda of sick liddat AGAIN.

i love sick a lot. ):

at night,
MQ told me smth.
she said that actually they planned to buy a clown's hat and scare me.
but it was ex so they din carry out that plan.
when i heard that, my heart was like... full of
when all 4 of us were preparing to sleep, i told zi yu and meiqi my plan.

the sleeping arrangement was:
Sylvia Meiqi ZiYu Brandon.

sleeping at the most corner, i climbed out of bed and crawled towards Bran's side.
but all the while i was like... laughing and making loud sounds.
Meiqi and Ziyu tried to cover me up by talking to Bran.

i went to Bran's leg and touched it 2 times.
he was kinda shock and told us that HE FELT SOMETHING!
i was already laughing and PENG already lah!!!
so while he was still shocked and scared and wadevr,
i went up to him and shouted "Brandon"

that ass had a shock and rolled over to our bed and all of us ROFL like it was de best joke!
good nites! (:

Day 3:
we din really have a lot of things to do on that day.
so we just walked and slacked about.
nth much happened.
i noe that i was like sleeping and sleeping throughout the day.

at night went to have dinner at MUSHROOM FARM!
yum yum yum!

At night went over to KTV.
Madly expensive but thanks MQ's mum for the treat!
sang a few songs. hyper, and died dwn lying on the couch and slept.
while the rest sang loudly i guess....

after K, went back to hotel, Popped a panadol and went str8 to bed.

Day 4:
woke up and started packing.
went for Breakfast and arcade and went back to hotel to take our stuffs.
Bought Famous Amos and and bid farewell to GENTING! ):
on the other hand, it was something worth to be happy bout.
cos finally can get to see baby! (:

the bus was jamming at certain points.
very slow.
went YONG PENG and ate ate ate.

continued the bus journey and came back to Tamp1.
Met my baby baby baby baby after so so so so long!

i told baby a lot a lot of stories!(:
u shall not know what happened next (:


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Genting Trip soooon

Hey hello ppl.

Currently in Brandon's house.
Had a nice lunch prepared by the leader. (:

Met baby, bla bla bla.
Went to find Ting at Tamp.
Kel came.
Bought Movie tickets for 2012.
00.50 a.m show.

walked to Sunplaza area and slack.
fun fun fun.
started drizzling.
walked back to TM.

movie and it was not bad.
cant really imagine the world liddat... ):

finished and walked to Kel's house.
Played and slept.
woke up.
was super late.
Chiong chiong and baby pei-ed me go.

met meiqi, then ziyu and dennis.
came Bran's house.

(today blogged very briefly.)


Tmr will be going to Genting with FC as well as Meiqi's family.
it will be a fun one. :D
i'll be back on Thurs night..

Miss me yo!!

Will miss you baby! ♥
love you always.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pack pack pack
pack for Genting!

and finally PACKED! :D

gonna ton tonight(:

update my blog again tmr(:



Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh hi(;

din go work.

After Facial,
went home slack.
was very very unhappy with the big big rain D:

after a while, baby called.
went to bathe and met Baby, kel and hui at inter.
38-ed to EXPO to find Alvin.
they ate dinner.

after that walked around at the John's Little sale.
dan went outside and B and Hui, doing lion dance!
ROFL can...

38-ed back to Bedok.
said Bye bye to MY NAME.
baby and kel walked home with me.

reached home and bye bye them......

fun fun and super fun(:

ps: haven pack Genting stuffs yet. OMG.

Miss you you you♥



  • i miss 412.
  • i miss prefect.
  • i miss guzheng.
  • i miss recess.
  • i miss teachers.
  • i miss umbrella.
  • i miss friends.
  • i miss homeworks D:
most imptly,
i miss you baby

Thursday, November 19, 2009

miss you so

Yoh!! :D

today was the USUAL day.
USUAL so dun blog bout it.

unusal is that,
Amanda, Bryan and classmates came.
LOL! like some party liddat.
so come come, talk talk, walk walk.

Amanda stayed and talked until late. Thanks uhs
so walked away with her to EmiCakes.
bought my DURIAN PANCAKE :D (ting dun jealous)

walked and smth funny happened.
i very lazy to blog lah.
bla bla bla.
she walked off and i walked ooff.

dun wanna work already.
so tired.

Baby is working soon.
work hard pig♥



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

happy one week baby(:


back from work already.
Today, Bottle Umbrella business not bad(:
de gal next door talk to me(:

went to work.

started the day well cos Baby called b4 work...
loves loves loves!

opened shop.
read book.
play. slack.
sell thing.
housewife training!

it began to rain.
and i dunno.
how sad.
walked out of e-hub.
was on the phone with baby.
waited for the stupid bus.

bla bla bla.
reached home.

Thats all!

My USUAL day! .___.

love you pigggggg♥

I'm off to work already.
Sian Sian Sian Sian!


miss you baby(:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

genting soon!

yoh! (:

Back from work.


Went to work as usual.
after work went to watch Paranormal Activity with baby.
how should i put it? errr...
i think its more of boring in de first place rather than scary.
slowly slowly, a bit more scary.
but... its more of exaggerating lah!
haha! still got SCARY SCENES! XD

after movie, bus-ed and walked to prata with baby.
ate and he walked me home(:

early in the morning woke up.
bathed prepared and such.
went dwn to void deck to find Baby and Daryl silver.
walked to bus stop and said bye bye to Darryl.
28 came and we board it.
i alighted at Bedok Inter and say goodbye to baby.

went to find twinneh for some interview.
and we trained to Dhoby Ghaut.
after interview, ate and went str8 to work.

after work, come back lor! (:

Love you Stan♥


Sunday, November 15, 2009



no pictures again!
no sad!

woke up early and slack at home!
i dunno wads so fun.
haha! basically hanged out at the computer table only.

after that in de noon.
went to Tamp to walk walk and bought some things.
no $$ no shopping ):

after that went to twin's house and gave her back her clothes.
and also to take back suz's clothes.
slack there and watched tv.
it was raining cats and dogs!
* and this sent shivers down my spine *

met baby at 6pm and went t-mart.
walked walked and bus-ed home.
din went home but went around walking again and again.
fun fun fun! ♥
talked talked talked ♥

walked here and there before i came home and baby left!
awwww! sad! ):
nvm! see you tmr ok? hehe!

rmb the big word:
this is for YOU & YOU!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Its just ME!

Hello ppl!

my internet sux!
suxx big big time.

went to meet MQ twins.
we went bugis walked a bit.
and suddenly dun feel like walking.
so we trained to Kembangan.
initially wanted to find Brandon.
but in de end, he was happily sleeping.
so din disturb him

went to KCC and had a heart-to-heart-talk with MQ.
nice nice(:

went off to Bedok.
and walked around the supermarts.
off to meet Bran and ZY and MRT-ed to Vivo.
took a cab up to Mt Faber.
and had steamboat.
Can Make It.
ate a lot.
i swear. i can die. of overeating.
TOO MUCH! played games and ate a lot!

bus-ed dwn to Harbour Front area and walked back to Vivo.
finally is 8pm and pig finished working.
dan MRT-ed home.

That's all for today.
simple but fun(:

and i miss you! XD


Friday, November 13, 2009

cold cold cold!

Hello ppl!
finally able to sit dwn and use com! (:

today is a rainy day!
and its so friggin cold.
i feel like a "ba zang" now...

as usual, today woke up early.
bathed, used com and went to take 28 over to baby's block.
wait for him to come dwn!
and then bused to downtown.

we then went over to Old Chang Kee and i bought my lunch.
opened shop and baby bought things for his friend.
and my VIP went home!
miss him yo! haha!

finally finally finally 6pm came!
i walked in the rain to de bus stop!
and bused to bedok and slept on de bus until i missed all the 28 stops!

went to find sis for manicure.
pink with black lines.
chio! ( to me la)

ok la!
i'm very lazy to go
on and on!

tmr, is my fan club day!
and not to mention!
woo woo woo! (:

ily baby♥


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hello peopleee!
today is a tiring day!!!
today's work is the toughest of all!
but very fun!
at least not so bored.
bus-ing around is no joke!
can just doze off...
ily Stanley Ong!
11 Nov 09
♥ ♥

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i like you!

hello ppl! (:
i'm back from class chalet and jun hui's chalet!
overall, everything was fun fun fun(:

let's just start with Jun Hui's chalet.
no pictures.
ppl there all very funny!
teach korean ppl vulgarities really damn funny man!
i was going to fall asleep but ended up laughing!
ting and kel slept. but ended up laughing too!

and also, went out to walk in the nights.
very lazy to post day by day.
walked all the way to pasir ris park.
see stanley dwn there like joker on the spinning thing! haha!

back to chalet.
creepy things happened.
but it wasn't scary in the end.
just very irri.

and than today morning.
they were like. very very exaggerating!
very funny!
i slept and woke up laughing as well.
using bird nest to rinse mouth.
using ten dollars to wipe your butt.
omg! and there is even more.
a lot of ugly childhood pasts! joke! haha

on the whole very fun lah(:

Class chalet!
class chalet was simply awesome.
classmates whom we see everyday in uniform.
they have all transmogrify into their home clothes! (:
first day!
super fun! played waterbombs and stuffs!
all of us chinese gals went into the room and hide.
outside a lot of other gals crying for help.
so me and yu ting changed into our FBT and went out.
saw Javier being dragged out sry and he told us dry ppl will be wetter..
we chickened out once again and ran into the room.
after much much of re consideration.
we decided to play hero and went out.
but the moment i went out.
buckets by buckets of water all attacked me with ppl holding me by de side..
seriously as scary as tsunami!
and i said some magic words.
"i'm out here to surrender and plead guilty as well as to ask for forgiveness of the four gals as they do not have extra clothings and thus, cant play with us"
and they ROFL!
fun la!
but at the same time, got trouble makers also.
and this made a lot of classmates upset!
but at least we practice classmates spirits and everything went well again(:
i tonned 2 days with around 4 hrs of sleep!
and i love it!
i need to sleep cos i'm working tmr! heheh!
and below are many pictures.
forgotten to rotate b4 posting so pls, TILT YOUR HEAD(:

Sunday, November 8, 2009


What should i do?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What comes around goes around ^^

Hello people.
Its 12.30pm now.
i'm leaving house soon for shopping for class chalet.
and i wun be home tonight cos i go back NIANG JIA!
i haven even got married.
going back BB later. ! ! !


Lee Zi Yu has went to China.
Sorry din see ur msg earlier.
Bon voyage sucker! (:
come back with *ahem* you noe! haha!


going already! ^^

bye bye!
dun miss me yeah(:

Somehow, I miss MEIQI Twin... ):

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun day(:

Had 2 birthday celebrations today!
Firstly, Amandy's BBQ at ECP!(:

Hope you enjoyed your day gal! (:
Went to find Yu Ting!
And both of us dunno how to go ECP!
So we took 197 and stalk a man with a fishing rod.
We just assume he is going to ECP to fiish! hahha!
so we panic when he alighted and we alight.
in the end, thanks to our cleverness and experience,
wee found the way there! hahaha!

We reached first and thus went to mac for drinks and ice-cream.
Beach was under construction! ):
so sat on a bench nearby and the rest came.
many unfamiliar faces.
although i dunno many ppl from there, i wasn't feeling bored.
Jun Hui came and di siao-ed him.
He doesn't like my presence! ):

Left after a while with Navin, Amandy friend.
Thank him a lot for cabbing me dwn to Kembangan! (:

Lastly, Happy Birthday again Amandy sis(:

Happy Birthday Kingsley Kitty.
Reached Brandon's house and used com a while;
King came and we started 3 ppl mahjong.
totally anyhow cos we all forgotten the rules.
Jesper came soon after and we played.
then ziyu came and play with his SLR.
so mahjong a while more and went dwn for dinner.
had many fun talking with Bran's maid. ! hahah!

proceeded back to his study room.
tiring can!
played with ziyu's camera.
and did many other things.
went dwn soon and surprised Kingsley Kitty with a cake.
he's so touched that he kept quiet all the while..
i was just kidding bout the touched part! LOL!
so sang him bdae song.
and ate the yummy cake(:

Enjoyed myself a lot today!
thanks to the Birthday Girl and Boy and other friends.
i took off from work.
relieve stress day(:
i'm going to feel more and more tired the next week!
bye bye! (:

dun think too much! let it be! (:

Hey hello!

currently now at brandon's house.
waiting for the two asses to come over.

and i shall say that:
From today onwards, i'm going to live with the " Don't think too much and let it be" attitude!


happy day yo!

din blog ytd.
too tired liao la!
shall start this post by wishing ppl!
Hello sister,
happy 16 birthday!
can legally watch NC 16 shows already!
happy or not?
ok la!
last long with ur guy alright(:
love you! (:
hello kitty,
15 yrs old le.
study hard ah!
and also, stay happy always!
i'm always waiting to eat up all ur 50 cents!
mahjong very very soon(:
love you too(:
and now,
happy birthday to you.
happy birthday to you.
happy birthday to both of you.
happy birthday to you! (:
ok! today going to ECP.
pray that it doesn't rain but look at the black black sky):
shall be back to post again!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

these are just nths!


back from work.
everyday is de same.

now no mood blog!
i blog very soon okay?




Tuesday, November 3, 2009



To Amelia Tang Mei Mei:
u pretend i do the quiz already okay?


went sku today.
tired, mad mad tired.
was so tired.
till i dunno wad to say.

dan went to work,
rush rush and rush.
dan reached and open shop.
busy at first
dan calmed dwn!

Jun Hui and Stanley came to find me.
cos they were in the arcade and pool.
dan talk talk and they left.
They come and go two or 3 times.

i was so tired at work.
finally the clock strike 6...
HAPPY HOUR! LOL! incorrect term la!
and Clyde was late.
so had to wait summore

after work, took bus with the guys home.
Thanks for accompanying me home Hui and Stan! (:

i think i'm like very crazy today.
i did stupid things and say linkless things.
i need to sleep!

byes! (:


Monday, November 2, 2009

i'm independent ok?!?!

i just like this pic cos its cool! haha!

lazy to copy and paste pics from yuting's blog.
so u want story, come my blog.
u want pictures go her blog!
so many things to blog about!
dunno whr to start from.
I only noe that these few days keep raining in the evening lah!
same goes for Saturday night.
so when reaching dwntown,
shared unbrella with ting while the guys run!
went to Fish & Co Exp. for dinner.
went in to chalet.
this time round more ppl.
went back and bla bla bla!
went kel house ton with ting and stan.
Play and slept.
next morning, woke up and went for bkfast with the guys.
ting went home cos she got gastric. ):
takkaires! (:
dan went t mart with that gal!
and we walked to the house and she saw my expression!
bus-ed home tired-ly.
bathed and used com.
Kel, Stan and Jun Hui dan cycled to prata.
met them and i went to buy newspaper to eat.
nice and sweet yoyoyo! (:
homed and slept.
damn stupid lah!
i slept at about 7pm ytd.
woke up at about 7am today.
when i saw de time, i was like.... wow i was asleep for 12 hours.
then i realised i was late.
stupid lah!
and i was hyped up cos this is the first time i was late for school! haha!
so slowly bathed and do things and went to sku.
and went to sku feeling so gong and seh.
almost wanted to bang the wall to keep myself alive in sku!
sian sian sian!
proceeded to work after sku.
boss came and fetch me!
after so long, i'm homed.
and things like... sku and work will still continue for tmr.
weekends gone already!
its time to suffer again!
hope this week pass by faster!
off already!
byes! (: