Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year, new life(:

Hello everyone(:

Happy Birthday to Alicia & Wee Yin.
All the best(:

today had tons of fun.
went to find beee in the morning.
after awhile, went to find Bran at Simei.
wanted to have Sakae but can't due to unforeseen circumstances. :X
so headed to Baked Rice. (:
slacked around East Point.
Talked a lot and crapped around!

said Bye bye to beee at 7 pm... ):

went to Tamp with Bran to meet MQ, ZY and Dennis.
had Sushie Tei.
Sibei full! :x
and and, went home.

hate it when i cant go out with friends to countdown):
dun like dun like!

new year resolutions..

1. i'm not gonna eat so much next year!
2. i'm gonna be hardworking and aim for passable results FIRST.
3. i'm gonna be very happy with my life.
4. i'm gonna stay commited to GZ and PB for the first few months of 2010.
5. i'm gonna make Brandon stay!
6. i'm not gonna quarrel with baby ever.
7. i'm gonna love baby more and more each day<3
8. i'm gonna make sure baby studies(:
9. i'm gonna make good good use of my time.
10. i'm gonna save moer money.
11. i'm gonna be a good girl :D

i think i'm quite done here.
hope to end the day well.
and to welcome 2010.

and i miss baby loads.
he's off to countdwn.



me plus you,

Bad Bad day! ):

worked till night.
thanks suz for convering me during noon!
tummy ached like mad mad mad.

shall not go further.
am just excited for tmr.

i'm gonna see the pig again!
love you beeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stanley forever~


i'm seriously worn out liao.
sibei tired...


Today is Ting's Birthday.
Walked around e-hub and had Pastamania for lunch.
oh ya...
With Baby, ting, kel, wanying and zhan yang.

after eating, we headed to the Arcades.
things happened.
not gonna elaborate.
but TING, I'M SORRY. ):

ok.. dan after a lot lot lot lot while,
we brought the birthday cake down to Ting's house there.
amandy the saver of the day was there already.
really nice to see Ting blow the candle on the cake.
after so many things that happened.
It's just a relief. (:

so ate the cake.
dan we played ice and water at the playground.
small kids hor!
but its fun okay.
i rmb feeling so and very hot.

and then walked to 85 market there eat eat.
eat eat eat and then Ting's dad drove us in his lorry back to her house there.
decided to play block catching.
it got more and more fun the moment we started.
Boys V Girls.

even though we were all feeling so tired and hot at the end, its worth it!
at least another quality time spent with friends b4 school starts.

and i hate Zhan Yang for making the DOG SOUND!
i kena tou jiang...
cool bo? (:

waited for Ting to come dwn again.
and Talked a lot ... on the phone with her.
all i can say is that THE HONGSTER SUCKS TTM!
F him man! :/

ok.. after awhile, took 28 and came home.
thanks baby, ting and kel for sending me back...

and to the pig.
i miss you a lot now.
i cannot seem to leave you alrdy(:
i love you deep deep♥


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Miss Ng, you're 16 yo! (:
really happy to have you as a sis.
work hard tgt next yr for o's...
Me ♥ You!
lastly, last long with ahKel(:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sweetest boy ever(:

Hello ppl of the earth!

am working right now.
sibei sian!

lucky i brought my lappy! hehe!

and here to blog about ytd,
went to baby house to "wake him up"
but ended up... not letting him sleep at all!
so the poor pig had only 3 hours of sleep!
sorry pigpig! ):

after that see him chiong maple while i watched TV...
nice show. (:

so it began raining heavily but luckily it stopped as soon as how it started.
so bus-ed over to Simei with Kel to meet Ting.
Had Baked rice and i like!
cos i long time nvr eat.
well, after that, went walking in the pet Safari and stoned there to see dogs!
Scary lor the retriever. :X

after that, walked around East Point and din noe that the top level had a nice palce to slack.

after sitting dwn for a while, trained to White Sands. No, Pasir Ris.
Walked around at the Arcade. and took some pics and see Baby play..
Its funny when Ting and Kel spotted a got credit Daytona and baby chiong to play!

so after that. Bused home and i ended up sleeping in the bus.
tired ma. with the pig sleeping by my side too!

and did i mention, he went to pierce his ear.
Brave pig! STUNNED! hahah

so he sent me home after that.
even though he's so tired that he can sleep anytime.
i love you.

ok... below are the pics taken ytd.
credits to Ng Yu Ting and her phone(:

anw, i like this picture a lot(:

Thanks ting, i agree with you too(:


Saturday, December 26, 2009

pillar of support.

Pardon my face!
we were facing the SUN!

random photo!
kinda missed Wuhan.
and the days with my counterpart in Wuhan.
i was like the queen!
i could have almost everything i wanted! hehe!


today is a very very sian day.
Joey is not coming, and i'm not going dwn to BB.
so spent the day nua-ing at home.
play com, eat sleep, eat, play com.

how i wish the rain would stop stop stop at once.
so that at least,
i can find something nice to do.

and Beeeeeeeeeeeeeee called just now! (:
how happy!

i'm so sian...
i feel like zhng-ing bean bean!

and also, off to watch TAEYANG!


Friday, December 25, 2009

lazy to edit colours! PARDON ME!

Merry Christmas(:

i'm suepr tired now.

but i dun feel like hitting the sack too early! ehehe!

this morning, woke up at around 11am.
i'm still sibei tired due to the past 2 days of tonnings! O.O
so prepared, said goodbye and cabbed dwn to Bran's house.

Meiqi, Bran, ZY, Dennis and Jason were already there.
sorry guys to make you all wait for so long.
so played blackjack and lose quite a lot.
and also Mahjong. (:

so after awhile,
we went dwnstairs to cut the log cake.
so funny cos nvr sing song! haha!
and its funnier if we sing song! LOL!
and ate the log cake! yeah! nice!

oh ya,

so, we had this gift exhange.
and Thanks ZIYU for the umbrella!(:

so after awhile,
we left liao.

off to tamp to walk walk alone! (sad or not?)
so after wakling for half an hour or so, i saw Jeslin Ho.
She came to accompany me. haha!
and so... nobody mah. so we go Dinner.
share share my food with her. haha!
and she gave me a X Mas prezzie while i went to the toilet.
i meant she bought it wheile i went to the toilet.
hehe! a pink bangle!

so after that, Met the TING AND KEL pinnochios and then to find Amandy they all.
slacked a while with them and left to find MeiqiTwinneh to get my clothes.
and homed while msging the pig!

and and and,
i miss him a lot alot!
are you tired? yes i am<3

i shall stop here.

p.s: i'm like... due to Darren's influence, so into wedding dress... LOL!


Merry Christmas!

Merry christmas everyone!

Currently in Brandon's house with the Usuals.
Playing Blackjack and such...

past two days had chalet.
Baby's and bros chalet.

Rather Fun.
But very tired.
wanna sleep but cant...
not cant is diff to sleep.

but i really enjoyed myself a lot~

shall not go into details cos in chalet,
you play cards, BBQ, joke around, play around. (:

AND WORKING IS ....................
i tried to keep myself awake....



Miss the pig loads!

i'm going to win $$ ( i hope )



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Me love you tons!

This is call a 鸡饭!
hello! din noe you're so cute!
Well, we settled one of the meals in Thailand eating Chicken rice.
It was... AWESOME!
of cos got the real chicken la.
but we had a shock and seriously ROFL at the shape of the rice.
Singapore, got or not?!?!
if not can try out this new concept! haha!
Christmas is coming...
Santa Claus is coming... to town~
Nah, i dun believe in Santa.
Dun believe in him!
i guess his just another non-fictional figure!
Christmas coming means, shop will be busy.
Busy also good la.
this means no need to slack the days off like that.
and this week, chalets, parties and full of funs.
i'm so gonna be soooo happy(:
and i'm going to go broke buying prezzies already.
books haven buy!
lao ban ah!
faster month end!!!
take payyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
Now, Its Tang Yuan time.
My grandma, lei and me made some tang yuan last night.
(i admit i did only a small proportion)
but at least got help out hor!! :X
grandma cooked it today..
QQ! sweet! AWESOME! nice! YUMMY!
got pink and white colour.
might not be posting for a few days or wad wad.
cos i'm gonna party the week out!
and to spend more time with my piggy baby too(:
love you!

Monday, December 21, 2009

2 plus 2, i'm gonna undress you.


today is a usual day.
you noe usual day and i dun have to say it.

and today is sucha English day(:
I've read Twilight New Moon.
nah, only 140++ pages nia. hehe!
but hor, many chim words sia.

and the super hardworking me jotted it dwn on a pice of paper.
damn satisfied!

the pig is madly dota-ing now.
jia you ah... and say bye bye to it.
cos you're gonna PS it for two days.
no cry! =p

/ \

Bad Bad romance! ahah!

i want your love and i want your revenge.
you and me could write a bad romance!

oh oh oh oh oh~~~~~

currently so crazy over lady gaga's Bad Romance.
only de chorus though.. :X


slept for like.... 12 hours plus plus... haha!
so happy huh!
dun really feel tired liao! haha!

Yesterday was another fun day.
Went to find baby and off we went to the hairdresser cos he cut his hair.
Finish liao... neater, HANDSOME! hahaha!

so he went home and took things and we bused to Simei and trained to City Hall.
Walked a lot cos we somehow somehow, lost our way.
in de end, reached the convention hall.
slack slack a while there and went to buy foods.

headed back to the hall and baby say i'm ma fan!! HOR HOR HOR! aha!

so reached and slack a while more b4 we walked back and trained back.
took 28 and said bye bye to baby who is rushing off to T-mart!!!!!!

went home and stomach got worse.
so slept. at arnd 8pm.
A bunch of relatives in the middle around 9pm popped out at my house.
all i knew was... i was sleeping when i dunno wad voice:
"Dajie Dajie, ting ting ta men lai liao!"

and went out to entertain them.

and the moment they left,
i went str8 back to lalaland!

and the pig,
i miss you!


Saturday, December 19, 2009


As and Bs are not enough, they want A*... (dream on)

Wanted to post a lot of Thailand pics. but...........

Blogger is being bitchy not to let me post my Thailand pic!
so above is the time when i permed half of my hair in the hotel room.

not that obvious. but i definitely look weird!


and this is one of the tops i bought there.
Its nice. cos its Indian style.
i've nvr worn anything like that in my life.
but i dun think i will wear it anytime in SG.
p.s: i was wearing only one big black earring the whole day. cos i lost the other one.
and when the internet behaves, i shall post the elephant pics.
LOL! like super Suaku liddat!
so, when is my next Thailand/Malaysia trip?
have been Nua-ing at home the whole day.
those kids really pissed me off.
a mixture of pollution!
just feeling moody the whole day.
expectations have went higher,
they'll nvr be pleased.

i miss you baby!
love love love!

cry cry cry, like the rain in the sky.


mummy is sibei not happy with my results. .
idk wad to say.

blame it on myself.
just sent my results via sms to my dad!
if he's going to scold me,
i'm going to suicide liao!
omg. ):

they are dissapointed and so am i.

i'm a human,
i have feelings too MUMMY!

Author: Stanley Ong

Once upon a time,
there was a small boy named Stanley and a small gal named Sylvia.
Stanley fell in love with Sylvia while they were in kindergaten at the age of 5.
But they were both too young to go into a relationship.
So sadly, they just remained as good friends.

Heaven was cruel, to seperate them during primary school.
Stanley was in East Spring and Sylvia in Opera Estate.
LIFE WAS BAD! D; Aww! sad!

Then, Stanley chose Ping Yi Sec as one of his choice in order to be with Sylvia.
But they did not meet in Sec1...

Heaven was then kind enough to let them meet in Sec 2.
Stanley then fell in love with Sylvia and and and.....

he Biao Bai to her a month plus ago.

And they are going to love happily after! (:

nice right?
he told me this story today!




Today, is a very very very HAPPY DAY! (:

cos u noe,

With my EMB3, 5 subjects, i got 14!!!

English- A2
Combined Humans- A2
Maths- B4
Science- B4
F&N- B4
Chinese- A2

can u see how how how how how happy am i?!?!?

i passed EVERYTHING man!

i'm so gonna hao lian my N level results here!
too happy to care bout anything!



After i took my results,
went to City Hall with Brandon Loh Jia Wei.
Had Sakae buffet and was damn full.

Walked over to Suntec to find baby! :D
After a while, went to shop for Xmas gifts.
walk like siao liddat.
legs damn damn sour.
and we were like walking all over the same places again and again.
wait. sounds wrong.
We were like, walking the same places over and over again! ahhh!! better! :D

damn tired and went starbucks to drink and sat dwn.
after that,
went to find his "glow in the dark" puzzle.

After awhile, went to the exhibition hall and find baby again.
chat chat with pig, bran and jun hui.
and they finish work!
so walked to MRT and took it to Raffles before going back to Kem again.

Bye Bye to Bran, and walked to Chai Chee with Baby.
slack slack a while and the irritating cat!!!
dian deng pao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><

off to buy cup noodles for the two hungry ghosts at home.
and pig sent me home afterwards.





i'm crazy!


Miss you piggggg!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Shall now blog bout my Fabulous Thailand trip.

Day 1:
  • Bus ride in the evening. Super sian and tiring.
  • Bus ride was super shaky and had the 2012 dream. SCARY!
  • Bused to the other end of Malaysia near Alor Star and dan to Thai.
  • Reached there around 9am.
  • Checked in hotel, Breakfast(which i din cos i was throwing tantrum)
  • Went to massage. ( from SCALP TO SOLES!
  • the Massage was...... speechless. but the massage girls were chio!
  • Walked around after that and proceeded to the Salon to wash hair.
  • Shopped like mad around the hotel and slept!

Day 2:

  • Breakfast was buffet at the hotel lobby! come to think of it, i'm hungry now~!
  • Went to Temples! a lot a lot! ì feel so holy now! :X
  • Lunch was pig intestine, pork and everything gotta do with pig!
  • but i still cant get to see my pigg! ): miss him!
  • Went Shopping again and to the hotel to rest.
  • Blackjack with family and won quite a lot. (nah, $26 nia! haha! )
  • Dinner at some other random hotel and then, we need toilet urgently.
  • bobian, uncle bring us to the guys toilet and we did our business there laughing!
  • came out only to realise the gals toilet is at the corner. !!!
  • Went back and saw an elephant.
  • Dun even dare to feed and touch it. but just wanna see it see it!
  • Was super jealous at ppl hu dare to feed, so i actually took a Sugar cane and fed the ele.
  • its Trunk (baby, i noe liao) was full of its saliva! GROSS!
  • and touched it. felt like i was electrocuted!
  • back to hotel after that!

Day 3 :

  • Breakfast at the lobby again.
  • Went to a temple and had fortune telling done.
  • The fortune teller was rather spot on and many things he said was really the fact of the fact.
  • he said that i am very lazy. but i GOT BRAINS!
  • so i had to offer 12 joss sticks( a lot man ) to the Guan Yin.
  • after that went for lunch at the chicken rice.
  • The rice was served in the chicken Shape! ROFL!
  • Wen then went to the hotel while the adults went for oil massage.
  • had buffet dinner at the sky rooftop or wad evr they call it.
  • nice and full.
  • Final shopping again.
  • and i realised, my mother bought a lot of kuku bird shirts for us! ZZZ!
  • Packed and Slept upon reaching the hotel.
  • Grandma suddenly complained of stomachache and was throwing and la duzi!
  • so no choice, adults rushed her to the hospital.
  • was worried. but, wad to do?

Day 4:

  • Woke up and did the final packing.
  • after breakfast, went to visit Grandma.
  • they dunno which hospital is grandma in. LOL! not kidding!
  • and we have to search the whole HapTyai province.
  • theres around 4 hosiptals and we covered all of them until we went to the last one.
  • but there's already no time for us to stay there.
  • so Xiao Jiu and Mummy stayed there instead.
  • Went back to hotel and checked out.
  • took the long long bus ride to SG.
  • my trip ends here!

Today, is day 5.
and after we reached SG at around 5 am , cabbed home.

Baby was super sweet to wait for me the whole night.
he lose a lot of sleep as a result. ):

in the noon,
went to meet Amandy, Hui Shan, YuTing.
ting then went to work
Baby and Kel came after a while.

Walked around at Tamp and we bused to DwnTwn.

they sent me to work and had superdogs and left.

work was fun cos got many customers! haha!

after work,
went to fund baby and slacked at his house dwnstairs to talk talk talk!
talk a lot and was having fun with him!
bused home after that.
love you lots baby!


tmr, is thee release of the results.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


from my last trip this year from Thailand.

this thailand trip is confirm rated as one of the best family trip.
but things went haywire and INSANE AND MAD AND WAD WAD WAD!
on the last day.


and my grandma got hospitalised there for maybe, food poisoning.
thats bad cos she was throwing and, okay shitting like nobody's business in the hotel.
so the adults brought her to the hospital.
that happened on the third day at night.

very soon,
when i actuallly got more time to blog, dan i will.
cos the house is like, in a mess.!!!!
with my mother, grandma and uncle all the housekeepers gone! OMG!

may all the shen zai tian you ling, bao you my ah ma!
let all of them come back home by tonight safely!
i rather, she is kept in the hospital here than there.
communicating with the doctors there can make you PUKE BLOOD!

that is how DISASTROUS everything is right now.

and thank you pig.
for waiting the whole night for my return.

dun have to countdown anymore, cos i've cleared all my trip piggy!! (:
sleep tight sleep tight.
i'll find you later(:

i miss you a lot a lot a lot a lot too!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

699th post.

woke up quite early today.
i want to make myself sleepy on bus.
15 hours bus ride leh!

i noe you must be thinking,
go Genting take plane,
go Thailand take bus.


when the pig wakes up, its lunch(:

miss miss miss you!


Friday, December 11, 2009

happy one month baby!

deh! 那个东西 lor.........
什么东西 la?
那个东西 la!!!!!

Hello hello earthlings(:

today was a great day for me.
started out in de morning settling some stuffs.

then went to find baby!
exchange programme started!! :p
dan we went to take bus to Bedok MRT and mrt-ed to Vivo!
talk talk on the train and finally we reached!

went to by tickets,
Twilight Saga: New Moon! for 5.40pm
so still got like 2 hours plus plus...

walked towards Habour Front Centre after rounds and rounds and see the pig eat!
KFC! i happily drank the Pepsi and ate the Chesse fries! haha

so walked back to Vivo de Skypark there sit sit and slack slack!
after awhile, pig decided to go play arcade.
he played the basketball thing.
he beat the machine record leh!
its like 400++....
i was like........... WOW~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so he went to try the second time.
Stunned. till now.
its not easy okay!
that pig complained of tired after that! =p
but li hai la baby! (:

so went outdoors again and sat dwn till like... 5.30pm?
and went for the movies.
the advertisement damn long la!
and watched NEW MOON!
seriously i din noe that twilight can be quite nice de lor! haha!

and i dun really understand the story until middle end liddat.
no subtitles wad. cant blame me! :D
but the ending damn...... Kuku! (well, i dunno wad words can use liao)

so in de end, after the movie, was high.
dk why. ask that pig. he high for no reason! haha!
so crossed the road and took a bus, and ended up passing by town.
Santa Claus is coming, to town~

after a very long time, we finally saw a familar place.
alighted and took another bus..
alighted again and walked to Prata.

on the way talked to Baby!
i found out a lot of things that he found out.
so we found out a lot! -.-

Thankk you baby!
love bear bear,
love you more! <3
u shall noe whr to see for more updates! :D




Somehow, Somebody and somebody is going somewhere at sometime for some reason!

Brb at night to post,


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Its tmr yo(:

Yo! (:

me, back from Bran's house.
i'm tired.
super tired.

reached there and see Brandon de chef cook.
ermm.. Can Make It la! haha!

MQ and dennis reached and we had a rather long lunch.
dan went upstairs to play MAHJONG!
Lady Luck was smiling at me.
hehe! :D

4pm came, ziyu came.
we went to Kembangan CC and played Badminton.
was sweating like a mad mad mad......... dunno wad.
i play like, no rules! anyhow.
but i play well!
show you wad brandon say:

SYLVIA L♥ - V.I.P says:
*how is my badminton

BraNdon says:
*its brillianttttttttt!
*its awesome!
*its cooooool!
*its P-R-O!

the school team
(close down already) member complimented! haha!

6pm came,
we went back to his house for more Mahjong.
dan dinner-ed.
a while more, took bus home!

am feeling very very ........ EXCITED! :D

shall end here.

tmr tmr tmr!!!!!
i love DOTA with all my heart! (:


Presence is no different from absence.
It just makes things more nuisance.
To all my believers,
thou shall not live in fear, '
thou shall not shed a tear.
Because someday, they'll need us here.


let me survive today

start the day off with my dream ok? haha!

ok basically, ytd night, had a dream. SHUAI!
dreamt of Vincent Ng that Wushu hot hot celebrity.
we were like on board 506.
and he was like sitting behind me.

ITS DREAM. and i assume in real like he dun even take public transport one lor.

so i was like.... celebrity leh.
and the only paper i have with me is the bus ticket which i paid $2.40 for! -.-
and lucky enough a pen.

so i turned behind and said,
hello ke yi bang wo qian ming ma?
dan he took the pen and -ahem- bus ticket and signed while laughing.


so i buay pai seh-ly AGAIN made another request to take a pic with him.
he actually said yes.
so take lor. *happy*

immediately after he took, the bus reach the toa payoh safra there.
and he said bye bye and alighted.
so i continued my journey. and woke up........

after i woke up, i'm still like feeling groggy.
and i actually went to check my phone for our picture! -.-

ok, its a dream afterall.

and i dun think, i'll ever meet a celeb real life. haha!



oh well,
today and tmr not gonna work!
RELAXED ah! (:

work is not tiring but boring and sometimes i wished that i had more things to do! ><

will be going to Bran's house later on.
and to enjoy his cooking once again.

tmr, 1st month dao le(:
will be spending my whole of tmr with my pig!
we are going to somewhere at sometime.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i suddenly thought of

where are you? haha!



但是一直都再做工! 勤奋吧?

接下来就要到泰国 hap chye了.

光阴似箭, 我的一个月纪念日要到了!

I'm so frigging LAZY to work today! .___.

another 1 hour for me to leave house. :/
another 2 hours and 30 mins to start work. :(
another 6 hours and 30 mins to put work! :
another 3 days to Thailand. :D


and the dumb dumb pig is sleeping/working!
reply me la! (:


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dream comes true!

Back from work.


to the whole world out there.
ppl with my links on ur linking column.


totally different pronounciation!

and go FB check!

type SLYVIA and all results come out to be SYLVIA!

and dun say its de same! cos its not! :D

Stanley Baby!
miss you lots!


Can you?

sometime last year, i posted something like this.
went to some word documents and dug it out.
so decided to repost this again!
so funny! (: or ):

i knew a girl that was so stupid that.......

she called me to get my phone number.

she spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice box because it said 'concentrate.'

she put lipstick on her forehead because she wanted to make up her mind.

she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order.

she sent me a fax with a stamp on it.

she tried to drown a fish.

she thought a quarterback was a refund.

she got locked in a grocery store and starved to death.

she tripped over a cordless phone.

she took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept.

she asked for a price check at the dollarstore.

she studied for a blood test.

she thought Meow Mix was a CD for cats.

when she heard that 90% of all crimes occur around the home, she moved

when she missed the 44 bus, she took the 22 bus twice instead.

when she took you to the airport and saw a sign that said 'Airport Left' she turned around and went home.........

imy D:

Laugh Sylvia, laugh!
Feeling so blue. ):

Monday, December 7, 2009


i'm here to post pictures for the trip.
took me an hour plus to organise them man!

FYI: Captions will be below the pictures :D

Above 2 pics are when all of us were in the airport.
Was busy snapping away when mummy went to check in.
kids were wild and all went haywire! :D

Even the adults were not spared from the snappings!
they were all excited too!! (:

And finally, we were on board the plan at around 7.20a.m.....
I was feeling rather excited.
this wasn't my first time travelling on plane.
but i was........ busy snapping away still!
my eyes were focused on the window~! WOOO!


And the aeroplane took off! :D
It was a superb and magnificent view!
it was a priceless experience.
well, for me at least! (:

Then, the sun was glaring brightly.
FYI, the sky was clear blue.
but maybe the law of reflections or refractions or wad made the sides dark.
(physics gave back to miss toh alrdy)
and the photos came out liddat!
LOVES it but love baby more!


We touched down and got onto a van!
this van brought us to lunch and Chin Swee Temple.
3 hours of van ride.
uncomfy seats and glaring sunlights.
and sleeping in the van is not a joke!

After lunch, headed to Chin Swee temple like we always did.
pray pray and play play.
snap snap!
then it started to drizzle and we RAN! (:


Checked in and we snap snap snap.
this pic includes pics at the lobby and restaurant, toilets etc.etc.
definitely fun(:


And this is us zilian at the hotel before we headed to the theme park!


Us at the lift and lobby!
we tried to take pic in the life at every instant opportunity!
but sometimes, got ppl.
sometimes, no camera! haha!

And we went to the outdoors.
it was drizzling sometimes.
and we played here and there.
see the red "phone room"?
i dunno wad is it called la.
but once, they locked me in there with a fly!
damn scary cos its damn big!
those nabeis! they dun lemme out! D:

and we went on and on about the rides.
oh ya...
the swing, Eugene ( the boy in green hu is 5) dare to sit sia!
pro pro!

i challenged myself to spaceshot!
and it is chicken feet to me!
no more scary alreeady!
i even came dwn and shouted zhuai-ly:
我不怕了!! :D
This Magical Fountain.
i like it a lot.
i rmb while the kids went to get the balloons( from the bloody clowns),
i went and stood dwn there.
listening and clasping both my hands tgt.
it was nice okay!
and the mood was broken by my family.
they came running and laughing and said that i looked emo!
walau! ppl anjoying lah!

We went to mushroom farm.
after dinner, we came out and the sky was already dark.
it was frigging cold!
and the white spots you see in the pics.
are all actually mists.
i dunno how it ended all up like snows! haha!
but i quite like the effect!
nice! (:
We went K-ing on the second day.
i had to babysit while singing halfway.
dun like man!
was feeling damn angry!
the kids,
da bian xiao bian da bian xiao bian! :X

and do not say i am a bian tai or wad cos i changed diapers.
in times like this, we have no choice.

ok, i'm quite done here.
really wanna thank my family!
i'm looking forward to the Thailand trip this saturday with them again!

And lastly,
i love Genting(:
But baby, you're still number 1!
hurry come home and see my blog la!
love you pigg! (:

(5 mins later)
you're home! LOVE !!!

Baby, Presenting the OSTRICH MEAT(:




Sunday, December 6, 2009

Clouds are beautiful(:

i'm back from GENTING!
miss me not?!?!?!
four wonderful and tiring days!
COLD LIKE MAD also! ): or (:
Many many things happened!
nice ones bad ones.
and FUNNY ones(:
but all in all, its QUALITY TIME spent with FAMILY(:
shall just blog in POINT FORM(:
Day 1:
  • Woke up early, and cabbed to Changi Airport.
  • Had breakfast there and off we flew to K.L
  • Reached there and took the van to Gotong Jaya for LUNCH):
  • the lunch was super AWFUL and we ate like kittens.
  • Continued the journey to temple and offered prayers.
  • Went up to GENTING (like, finally) ^^
  • Just walked around and checked in hotel and went SHOPPING
  • shopping with mother is GREAT! Me, Suz and Mum bought a RM129 bag each!
  • Dinnered at Genting Palace.
  • Retired for the day(:

Day 2:

  • Couldn't go outdoor cos it was raining CATS AND DOGS & i mean it. )":
  • Went for BRUNCH (Breakfast + Lunch)
  • Headed to K after that.
  • The good part came. I swear i was damn pissed i had to babysit halfway when singing.
  • Changed DIAPERS!
  • bring them to toilet. PEE PEE SHIT SHIT all kinds of business. and i was RICH with anger!
  • after that went for Steamboat Buffet! FAT FAT FAT!
  • Went back and slept!

Day 3:

  • Finally can go OUTDOORS already! Theme park.
  • play play and had lunch.
  • play play and went back to sleep
  • went to Mushroom farm! frigging cold! ><
  • ate ate and continued outdoors.
  • chilled out at The Coffee Beans after that.
  • packed bag and slept!

Day 4 (Today):

  • woke up and had Breakfast.
  • Van-ed dwn to K.L after check out.
  • settled lunch and shopping there.
  • the shopping there is full of IMITATIONS!
  • bought nothing at all and the the sun was burning!
  • continued the jounrney to K.L airport and finally, FLEW BACK(:

Pig is working now!
BB! kuai dian kuai dian kuai dian fang gong!
i saw ur blog!


Plain post i noe!
tmr will have pictures(:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm off to GENTING!

Yoooo! (:

Will be going to Genting in a FEW HOURS time!! ^^
Will be flying to KL!
cool uhs? NOT!
i still prefer coach!


Basically worked today.
and also,
nth much happened.

Pig actually wanted to meet me.
but in the end he said got something on.
so sad right...

summore somethiing IMPORTANT.

so nvm lor.
i wait and wait for my 6pm to come.
6pm haven come, and there came the pig!! (:
so happy, shocked and touched! AWWW!

so 6pm plus came and we went to take 17.
talk talk and dan pig slept! O.o
alighted and walked to prata.

had dinner there.
ate ate.
dan went to 59 and talked and chat a lot a lot.
i knew a lot of things!


ok lah.

gonna continue with my stuffs soon!

i'll miss you pig!