Sunday, January 31, 2010




i'm not black pig! ):

i have all the pictures.
but i'm super lazy and also have no time to post them.

my nose and face is still red and all.

maybe you can call me, rudolph!

i'm off to give someone♥ a surprise!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

nice day! :D


today was rather a fufilling day.

i shall mention everything in brief.
i'm going to do my homework soon!

  • started around 9 plus.
  • packed the goodie bags
  • a lot of kites from all over the world.
  • all of them are amazing! it was truly an eye opener experience! :D
  • $30 de kite had its stick missing.
  • went to buy a 5 dollar kite and it cannot be flown properly.
  • so parts of the 5 dollars kite will be used to transmogrify $30.
  • eg. the metal stick missing had been replaced, new and longer tail for 30.
  • very hot! had sunburn.
conclusion: fun day. but i look like a cooked lobster now.

Outing with cliques:
  • met bran and trained to city hall.
  • walked around and grabbed a bite cos i was too hungry.
  • went to dian xiao er to have dinner after everyone arrived.
  • walked to flyer.
  • boarded the flyer and had a nice night up there.
  • the view was simply amazing.
  • and i said i love stanley obviously to myself when i was on the top! :D
  • came dwn and walked back to marina.
  • trained back and bused home.
  • walked home with baby takling on the phone with me! <3
Conclusion: i could nvr have been happier with cliques today: meiqi, brandon, ziyu and dennis!

i miss my pig now.
i want to do homework.
i want to have a higher chance of meeting him tmr.

nights! :D
i have sunburn.
i look black.
i look red.

i look kinda cute! :D

be back to post after lovely flyer with cliques! ((:

Friday, January 29, 2010

phone is dying! help


My name is Sony Ercisson G700.
you can call me G700 for short.

My birthday falls on August someday.
i'm already 1 year old plus already.
and no, i didn't celebrate my 1 year birthday.

i'm falling ill as days goes by.
i'm a little weak already.
and did i mention, i fell down a lot of times already.
i landed in the hospital at simei sony ericsson centre once.
It was a bad bad bad week.
my owner almost died without me.

opps. my nickname is diao bu si.
which means drop no die.

these days, i send out blank msges randomly.
i dun receive inbox msges on that instant time.
instead, it came like 20 mins to 1 hr after.

oh ya, i have to tell you that battery is essential for me to stay alive.
but my battery lifespan is as short as the word short.
i have to be charged every every day.
sometimes, my owner is worried that i might explode anytime.

i got many strong competitors.
heard that iphone very hot now.
i'm the opposite lah.
i am very cool..
contradicting huh?

wad else do you have to noe?

If i dun reply ur msges, pls dun blame me!
if i send out blank msges, dun blame me either.

till then,


if you dunno wad it means,
jiejie teach you!

it means



just woke up.
woke up at 7 plus actually and got minor migraine.
everything i see is white.
and i think i gave a very stiffed face.
i went blank.
my grandma ask me wad happened cos she see my face.

oh ya, before the convo....
i suddenly felt that it was very funny.
cos at that point of time, i was so serious and pissed.
now i felt funny! haha

me: migraine la.

GM: si mi mai geng?

me: migraine!!!!!!!!!!

GM: mai geng si mi?

she dunno how to listen.
i dunno how to translate.
so GG! :/

and i went to sleep waking up only now.

and i felt a lot better.
with the fever gone forever for now.
left with no more headaches and only sore throat.
which is like going to heal sibei soon! :D

but i cannot go sku just yet.
so for today, i might spring clean a bit my study table.
and do a bit of homework.
my table is shitty.
i dun like.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

4th post of the day.

so shagggggggggy!
just back from my dinner.
and also. i feel like dying.

finally, i get to bathed just now.
after much restrictions from my grandma.
and and i keep sweating one moment and very cold the next.
luan luan lai! anyhow anyhow!

i miss the ice ballsxcdxcdzxcdzxcdzxc!

i'm listening to my primary school song now.
much misses.
the future bright for us, as we strive for the glorious goal!

how? random enough not?

thank you loved ones

. for the 3rd time today.

someone, tell me how bored can i get?

just met baby and jason.
ting passed pig my tons and tons of homework..

ting ah ting.
thanks thanks a lot ah.
thanks for helping me to collect everything.
and writing a piece of instructions.
thank you so much.
appreciated and love you!

and baby baby!
thank you for delivering my hmwk.
love you max max max.
and stop exercising like mad!
love you so!

taken those bloody bitter medicines.
time for me to sleep soon i guess.

brb later.


hey hey.

back from clinic and lunch and here to blog to kill my time.
although i noe that i should be in bed or wad wad wad.
but sleeping for the whole morning liao.
and later at night cannot sleep man.
and who wanna entertain me in the mids of the night? COL!

oh ya,
went to the clinic and the doctor say that its throat infection.
got fever sore throat bla bla.
dan he super good gimme 2 days MC.
dan so bad he gimme 4 medicines..
hee tell me me fever will go up and down.
and dun chuan ran to other people.

bla bla bla.

out of the clinic and was thinking bout my two days Mc.
suddenly feel not that happy to not be able to go sku.
today already so sian.
can't imagine tmr.
and i miss the pig.

quick, someone tell me i'm a good gal for disliking MCs. :D

fever subsided and i feel high liao.
but i'm definitely not happier cos my body ache like old woman.

everybody fang xue already.
and i'm at home.
very very bored ah!


sick is no good!

i'm sick already!

can i take back the word of being sick is good cos i can have more rest?

miss baby lots.
thanks for taking care of me last night all the way till home.
thank you for being there.
i love you and miss you.
and i promise to recover soon!

off to see doctor later.
hope hope hope, i have the strength to actually walk to the clinic!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sylvia is sad because the cake that she and Wan Ying made CUI ALREADY!
happy new year ah!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

dun have to care bout me in this pic.
but i love the boy.
he cute not? haha!

super cute lahhhh!

so many more.
but i'm selfish!
so not to show you!
cos he's super funny!

love the pig.
my pig!

muacks muacks!

good nites all!

Monday, January 25, 2010

forget me forget me not.

i'm sick!
also good.
cos i want more rest.
but i want school.
cos thats where i can see the pig.
but i got many homework.

how stupid.

but nvm.
i love mummy.
Cos she let me go to Kukup.

and i love baby.
cos i going Kukup with him!

ok. off to sleep!
after my hair dryer.

i'll be okay.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

baby, i love you!

yoyo!! blog finally opened!
and also, yeah.. pls pardon the pic on top.
taken while sis is bathing and i still in my just wakke up mode.
can see from my hair right? haha!

many things happened la.
privated my blog for no big reason.
okay, its over so i can't be bothered to explainnnnn! ^^

shall start blogging.

tues- SL training! tiring. get to know many ppl.

wed- fly kite. with baby and ken! (:

thus- home and homeworks.

fri- sakae with baby and brandon! super full!

very brief cos i forgotten a lot of things.


This shall be quite a long day cos i can rmb.

In the morning cooked for baby.
asked my sisters to try and they think it was nice! (:

met baby after that.
took bus to his house there and he was feeling unwell..

reached his house and see him pacing here and there to find ways to cure himself.
and in the end he went to sleep!
so the super guai me did homeworks!
3 homeworks okay!

so the pig finally wake up and said he okay already! happy happy!
kel came up and lent his roller blades.
dan pig went bathe and the plan was that after that, we'll go dwn find ting and kel.
but ting and kel follow kel's mum go shopping.
so we got nth to do and pig play maple!

suddenly after much discussions, followed his family of many ppl to Novena there walk walk!
my pig was so funny.
he keep doing funny things.
and we play games.
funny games!
but i shall be selfish and not share with you!

had dinner and after that, his mother fetched me to the nearby station.
yeah. a happy outing! (:
i miss the pig right after i left! ):

trained to outram park and walk like a retard around.
so creepy when walking near the yangtze cinema.
dan retardedly wait and finalaly met up with mother, sisters and jo.

super congested over there lor.
people mountain people sea.
saw the actor and smiled at him. for the sake of fun!

finally finally can go home.
and i'm lazy to say things bout today cos we went to expo and it was so bored!

Mummy, please?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


cos i dun wanna daddy to see my blog so i privated it.
till then,

i'll update.
and when i open my blog, you read tag tag! (:

love stanley!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


such a boring boring sunday!
i wanna die.

i wanna die cos i miss my boy.
love you...

and shall not be blogging for everyday!
blog once in 2 or 3 days will do(:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

love love love i want your love!

Superb day (:
like wad baby say, superb saturday!

started off in the morning meeting baby, ting and kel.
28-ed at 84011 to bedok inter walk walk a bit.
dan took18 back!

ting went off...

after we reached 76109 de opposite, alighted and went to yes.
bought some groceries for cooking spaghaetti.
not i cook, my pig cook! (:

reached his house and his house was undergoing painting.
i like the green colour.
but i would prefer pink in any case(:

after a long along time,
pig then went to cook.
he chased me out of the kitchen lor!

ting and kel reached and we ate.
it was not bad.
i swear even though a bit sour. (cos of the nature of the sauce)
but i ate every bit of it.
to me, its the best. (:
trust me pig, i love it!

after that, slacked at his house.
very fun and nonsensical lor!
and we talk talk everything under the sun as usual.
i rmb i complain to his mum that he keeps playing and dun study!
he stunend!

dan time for me to go home.
and he went for his match.
took bus at 76149 i think. i forgot la!

i will rmb all de bus stop codes by BLOGGING in bus stop codes form.
aiya... u noe dan good. dunno also good.
i know can already :D

alrights, i miss my pig loads.
had a real real fun day with you!
i love you LOADS!
like i always do!

Chinese time!


在过几个月就要考我亲爱的 o水准 华文了... 
如果不A2, 我会崩溃的!!):

所以为了充分准备, blog的时候有时也要用华语!

新衣服, 红包, 吃的, 玩的! 啊!!!!快点来!!

但我们的除夕夜要做什么都已经安排好了!    ><


where's my 猪? <3

Friday, January 15, 2010

What am i suppose to think?


A fast Friday just passed like that.

well, lessons in the morning as per normal.

was super lonely in MT class.

the Edwin sot sot one.

he suddenly told us that he saw ZHOU GONG!

LOL! scare ppl.

after school was Guzheng.

so chaotic.

learn new songs which will be played tgt with the band and angklung on CNY.

Ok, Angklung is part of band now.

so we're like combining the songs with band.

so after GZ, went to King's house.

a lot ppl there.

got baby, king, alvin, alan and Bobby.

then they go play street soccer.

funny man.

esp my pig. haha!

he scored a goal okay!


dan later walked back to CC with beeee.

and slacked and crapped around.

he went home and i went home too.

after dinner went Bedok with sis.

and home we are now.

i'm dead beat.

i miss my pig.
i wanna see you now. ):

p.s: i dunno how to react. i dunno wad else to think.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i miss you baby!

Proper post for today(:


am soo tired now.
how how how?

and just met baby.
so glad he's happy already!
miss the pig lots.

hate all the teachers who catch his hair and confiscate his phone.
hate hate hate.

F&N coursework started already.
seems like i gonna get busy with it.
although i decided not to drop, but i think i will categorise the question under pending.
fairer for me.
sian ah! F&N is gonna tie me down a lot a lot man.

so looking forward to Spaghetti Saturday!
CHEER you UP!!!

No sad no sad.

try it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's painful ):


Bad day.

din really rmb wad happened in school.
except for the fact that pig took pink form back cos he's dwn with flu.
and i had friiging cramps the whole day.
it suck!
i dun like.

after school, bee and kenn accompanied me to the docs.
sorry for making u all let ur friends wait so long.
but i swear there super slow man!

oh ya,
just wondering.
should i drop my F&N?
i noe my coursework suck at times.
and when i dun have the mood to do it, i wun do it properly.
and my theory is everywhere here and there.
so if i drop my subjects, i can use the time better to concentrate on others.

amd wad more, i got a B4 for my N's.
so why not... ?

but... the question is....

p.s: i love you piggy. take care of ur nose! and sleep early tonight!


Monday, January 11, 2010

happy two months! you know i love you! (:


Today the O's ppl tale results.
not bad luhs.
just made me feel that O level is really a million times harder than N.

seeing how the others fare in their O's made me real scared.
esp the Eng, Maths and Humanities.
as well as chinese.

today should be a great day.
so enough of studies.


after the results thingy,
went to meet baby at East Point.
had Sakae buffet and i felt damn full.
pig din eat much too.

then he went to cut his hair.
and the man called rain cut hair de pattern more than badminton.
so funny when it actually hurts and u can see it from baby's expression! haha!

walked over to Darren's house afterwards.
see him play his computer game and looks violent.
why guys just like to play those games.
same goes to DOTA *ahem ahem*
why they cannot play barn buddy or pet society?
tsk tsk tsk!!!

after a very very long time,

they finally got wad they wanted.
and we took a bus back home.

all in all,
sorry, i wun do it again):
i love you!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

our 2nd month tmr(:



had a cup of this just now.
it has been around a year since i consumed alcohol.
fan club wouldn't let me.
and i was so OUT whenever they gather for Barcadi Breezer. ):

it happened at a chalet about a year ago.
once upon a time,
i drank on a empty stomach.
i rmb very clearly!
and my jiu liang also not that good.

so i created havoc for a lot of ppl.
and thus, they dun lemme drink already.

sad story right.

and not only do they not let me drink.
i started to get very "scared" of it.
so i dun drink even at home.

but today...
my mother brought out the
it taste millions of times better than beers.
i hate beers to the power of infinity.
well, not that kua zhang la.
but i dun like its bitter-ness.

i prefer sparklings! (:

ok, i like sweet drinks.

but i will stick very much to

where's my pigpig? <3
tmr's de day!
p.s: good luck to the o's ppl out there(:


fly the kite(:

Friggin Awesome Saturday since afternoon(:

i'm not going to talk about the carnival cos its so screwed plus SABOTAGE!
f u!

and not going to talk bout the RP's open house visit after that.

after the RP's visit, went to tamp to find my sleeping pig.
his house like got spring cleaning!

after he finally woke up,
he went to bathed and we ate his mother's home cooked food!
very niceeee( :

then we went over to East Point to find Kenneth.
and walked around.
then went Arcade.
it was in a super corner corner of the shopping mall.
no wonder the other day when we went out with ting and kel cannot find! :X

went to have baked rice!
after that over to tamp.
kenneth wanna buy shoes.
so walk walk walk.

and the funny thing happened.
all of us wait for 28.
and we were like deciding whether to go fly kite cos we can see many kites flying!
bee said get up to bus (coming already) then say.
so we got up the bus.
and was deciding on many things.

still, the next bus stop we alighted.
went to the bicycle kiosk and bought a kite which i call it $3.90
then we went over to the open field.

started and $3.90 just dun wanna fly up.
it just flew a bit.
but $3.90 really very bad.
cos it gave us a lot of false hopes.
and nvr wanna fly!

so the three of us took turns.
and it was very fun.
even though it still does not wanna fly!

bee and ken went over to some man and bought another kite. $30
very realistic.
very fast jiu fly up le.
see the diff....

after that, we 28-ed home.
pig sent me back and we stayed art the void deck talking and slacking.
we shared many things tgt(:
i love you baby!

This is $3.90 who doesn't fly.
while flying we even talk to it lor.
must communicate!
but it just doesn't seems to work.
si kite!

This is $30 that fly high high.
and we're going to fly it again soon! (:
my camera de night resolutions very bad! haha

well well, can you see my pig there.
he's right in the middle of the picture.
and obviously, he's holding $3.90
and its not up in the sky. haha!

Bee and Ken went for their final showdown!
they wanna run run run..
apparently, $3.90 still can't fly la... bleah!

Pig still holding onto the kite while kenn holding on the strings.
how? my phone's cam can compare with DSLR?!?!
LOL! buay pai seh enough to say that! (: hahah!

Flying kite has taught us some things.
whether it flies or not, doesn't matater.
enjoy the process and gain the experience.
have fun at the same time.
i think, all of us achieved that already(:

Saturday, January 9, 2010



Friday, January 8, 2010

3 more days(:


today is


started with morning,
had assembly and received my $200 cheque(:
how happy! (FRUITFUL~)

and had lessons.
F&N, practical.
quite srewed up but fun wih WANYING(:

Eng was okok.
Chinese too~!

after school,
met the pig and ting and kel.
they follow me to my house.
and i went up to change and put my bag.

went to 55 before going back to sku.
bye bye to beebee sadly ):
and bused to TP. (open house)

was so warmly welcomed.
and it felt a lil weird.
had many boring walks and talks.

What a shock!
but it was, still a pleasant surprise! i like(:

after the business school visit, (and i saw the usuals(: )
went to find pig and kel.
waited for a while after ziyu left, we left too.
bus-ed to Tamp and had dinner at T1.
walked around.

Bus-ed home after that with all of them.
Pig sent me home!

love you my dearest boyfriend(:
take care(:


Thursday, January 7, 2010


woo! 730th posts.


hello everyone..
just finished dinner not long ago...

today's lessons were perfect.. and i felt so sleepy throughout.
but nevertheless, i was high and hyper all along.
becos i got a very random teacher.
ting should noe why. hha!

and also, had many circle times this week.
and some of the games like very lame.
and it does feels weird that we sec5 going 17 had to play them.
but i'm sureee like everyone enjoyed one(:

and i enjoyed CME for today :D
and i said this in front of the whole class.

I, Sylvia, wants to be a businesswoman.
My purpose in life is to make my parents proud.

i LOL lot lot lot at the business woman part.
cos my hospitality and tourism had nth to do with business.
maybe it does. but to me it doesn't.

and making my parents proud, is my GOAL :D

after school, was TERRIBLE.

had Guzheng.
and it requires me to make a brief intro to the sec1s.
imagine, i had to repeat like 2 mins de speech for like... 8 classes.
wad more play the song 8 times...

and the sec 1s ah,
some some some very tee kee one.
just cannot keep their mouth SHUT!
and some of the SL(s) JUST DID NOTHING! OMG!

ok, i blogged enough for today.

quite a long post i think!

i love you baby!
my tie is my motivation to study hard today :D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

another 5 days :D


Wonderful Wenesday.

starting to get off the holiday mood..
and is slowly adjusting to the "back to school" mood.
i know this should happen since sec 1..
but i'm a typical student leh...
i bet some of them haven even get out of the holiday mood lor.

lessons today was draggy..
i kinda dun like the 1 and a half hour lessons man.
its too long i feel.
slowly slowly like sian sian...
i prefer the old one.. an hour each.
but good thing bout the current one is that no need bring so much books..
sorry to say.. all the books all damn heavy.
aiya bo bian... suffer one year only(:
jia you jia you! :D

i'm dwn with cough.
and suz is dwn with fever, cough, flu bla bla bla.
and my grandma made some liang teh.
with water chestnuts, sugar cane for us.
i'm gonna drink the whole pot(:

thats all.

i hope the pig miss me..
cos i miss him loads <3


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

thank god! your hp is back(:


today is ermm..

and and...
i was super high in school for i dunno why..
and and i think i better not go into details.
cos ppl might think i'm insaneeeeeeee(:

ok.. to conclude the First day of school ytd, it was damn slack..
and we practically had to wipe every table every class we go.
sibei dusty man! :/

so today was rather fineee.
and i guess, it was kind of weird to have a P.E file.
cos this is the first time in my education life to have a PE file. haha!

bla bla bla.
school ended.
Went to Prata with Ting and Ziyu.
Baby joined us afterwards.

ok liao.
go home bathe while pig and ting wait for me.
DUA PAI HOR?!?! (:
neh mind neh mind(:

so so.
after that, went to Baby house.
His sisters all very humorous one. haha!
Jason was there too.

and after a long time, we went to Tamp to get pig's mother's present.
not cheap :X

and walked a round and went to have prata again!!!
but nice lah! hahah!

ok well...
after prata bused to bedok inter with the pig and jason.
so crappy so funny so high!
hahahha! (:

lovelovelove the pig load loads(:


Monday, January 4, 2010



Well, Monday Blues.

Cant really sleep well at night and keep waking up in between.
din noe that the pig cant sleep too..
just have to get used to it.

Go school as usual and had the boring talks.
went back to class and had even more boring talks.

and also...
smsed pig halfway his hp kena confiscated by principal.
i'm damn guilty.

had a few lessons.
and was like.. so sian.
how i wished time would pass faster.

pigg used his friend's phone and sms me.
so decided on lunch.

met him after school.
had prata with Ziyu and Kenneth too.
and then, pig sent me home.

sucky day):

Sunday, January 3, 2010

8 more days(:


today is a very very sian day.
woke up rather late.. or rather forced myself to wake up late at 11.44pm...

lunched and bathed.
actually wanna go find the pig and wake him up..
but... thought not to..
cos i dunno who at his house.

slept for around 40 mins and woke up..
went to Bedok with Lei Lei to buy school shoes and came back.
Kena horned by the car lor. idiot!

and pig called me leh!
he just woke up not long ago....
should i address him as pro?!?!
omg! miss you la pig pig pig!

and and and, i had the sudden urge to go down run again cos i'm sweating now.
but but but, i'm lazy. :/

ya. so i should just stay at home and play my barn buddy!
and and and, think of wad course i want for poly..
thanks to wu yu la..
psycho me to reconsider hospitality and tourism... haha!
(although its still too far)

i'm so looking forward to school tmr.
see you all ping yians in school(:

love you(:

Saturday, January 2, 2010



Take care and get well soon! ):
i miss you.


and my legs cui already.
run la run la....

Sian Sian Sian !


today is the 2nd day of 2010.
and i'm happy.

One year passed just like that..
Did it passed this fast or was it just me?
well... doesn't matter.

2009 was quite disasterous (or disastrous) until the year end holiday season.
Still, it has already passed.
so now, we should just LOOK FORWARD! :D

Me, in the past, never get to pass my maths...
Me, in the future, will TRY TO pass my maths.
keyword is try to...
cos i noe its hard to do it. :/

and Me, had just finish running around.
I feel so happy.
and i'm gonna sleep early tonight.

ARE YOU!?!?!

pig pig pig pig another 9 days(:


Friday, January 1, 2010

you suck. i rock.


1st Jan....
great start?!?!?

went to Bran house in the noon.
Only i was there so mahjong-ed on my own.
and also playing computer...

then Edmund reached.
and then, Meiqi and Dennis reached.
then later, Jun Yan reached.

We mahjonged a while and dan went dwn to Vivo.
took a bus there.
Edmund was the joker of the day and made us laugh like shits.

Steamboat was next.
but sibei full now..........
i hope i wouldn't gain weight!! (cross finger)

and i felt very very tired.
stomach damn bloated.
so i stopeed.

walked around Vivo a while and Trained home.

shall stop here.

loves my pig(:



PigPig Blogged!!


its 10.30am in the morning now.

hit the sack at 12.30am after watching TV.
well, its so nice lah.
not everything.
the SORRY SORRY dance damn shuai.
and Jeanette Aw de dance very CHIO ah!

going out later(:
with FC and Den and JY.
will blog bout it again.

oh ya,
pig smsed me at 2am plus.
obviously i din wake up lah.
he told me that he lost his wallet.
lucky he can find it. :D

i miss the pig a lot la.
he's finally sleeping at 8 plus.
sleep tight my dear.
love you alot a lot♥