Saturday, February 27, 2010

will love you always.


haven been blogging.
haven been doing these and that.


will only blog when something interesting actually happens.

Went baby's house super early in the morning.
pei him and we play.
dan later took out the webcam and play play play again.

baby did a dynamic dp.
it says.



dan had mac for breakfast.
haagen daz change to mac! ahahs!
still nice! :D

i rmb, it was still very early.
i think pig went to play dota.

then i go and talk to his nieces.
we were watching some snakes documentary.
then we talked bout snakes, earthworms, dogs, cats, zodiacs, school, fav colour, fav cartoon, age, rubber bands...... AND SO MANY MORE.
i cannot rmb.

tot will have some form of generation gap.
but talking to small kids sometimes is better than talking to brainless teens.

and made a last minute decision to follow the rest of his family to his aunt's house for dinner.
at Bishan . FAR!

it reminds me of the days always follow mummy go prawning.
dan will always catch a lot of prawns.
got skills one okay okay!!!

ok. to his aunt's and we play mahjong.
i won okay! heheh!

dan we had steamboat.
super full!

dan we had a few rounds mahjong and slack slack.
dan lao yu sheng, nian nian you yu.
ate again. LIKE PIG!
super full now.

sat dwn rest rest a while and cabbed home.
thanks pig, his 3rd sis, and her bf for cabbing me home.

pig insisted on sending me back.
well, he feels that its tian jing di yi. :D
reached home and off he went! )))):

. . . . .. . ............ . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . .

well, in conclusion.
times with baby passed fast fast fast.
morning is just like a few hours ago.
but days without him pass like...... one hour is hard to get by.
eg. school!

miss you love you.
sleep tight baby!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

lessons and classes.
remedials and tests.

This is sec5.
yeah, the sec5 i came to.

i need more sleep...
off to have my afternoon nap.

homework followed by........


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my long.....


i'm back to blogging!!

Okay, recently, many things happened..

so i shall just start by saying that my study room is in a deep great mess!
cos the top cupboard fell down! AWW POOR THING!
and everything, kinda fell out! LOLS!
suay ah!

now inside like got Tsunami like that!
damn scary!
like, many things collapsed and all!
nobody is hardworking enough to clear the mess.
so i shall just leave it there until i got the packing mood.

ytd, went to Bran's house for Mahjong and all again.
Edmund the entertainer keep commenting.
funny and funny.

but then and there, i miss my baby a lot!
yeah yeah!
that means now too!
hardly have time for each other .
so i look forward to all weekends to spend time with him!
and my haagen dazz!
my pig teng me! YOU SEE! :D
dun jealous hor!

Sunday, February 21, 2010



Korean- 사랑해요 stanley

Dutch- ik houd van u Stanley

Hindi- मॅँ आपको प्रेम स्टैनले

Japanese- 私はstanley愛する

French- je t'aime stanley

Thai- ฉันรักคุณสแตนลีย์

Portugese- eu te amo stanley

German- ich liebe dich stanley

Italian- ti amo stanley

Arabic- نا أحبّ أنت ستانل

Swedish- jag älskar dig stanleyen

Turkish- Seni seviyorum stanley

Greek- σας αγαπώ Stanley

Romanian- Te iubesc Stanley

ok done!
included the Stanley there because i love you i love you buy who?

today, mahjonged with baby, brandon and kignsley over at bra's house.
if you wanna noe how much i win, i can say nothing.
but if you wanna noe how much i lose, a lot!

the pig damn ho mia! win a lot! :D

haha! its okay!
new year! ine year lose once! :D

i miss baby! many many!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

sunshine. after every rain!


today is the dunno wad day of CNY.
i can't be bothered to count.
am out of the CNY mood liao! mad lucky!

school was OKAY. usual.
Friday had this Total Defence celebration.
damn fun.
we had to built tent.
i think that we did better than those boys brigade ppl! :X
then, our class damn united one lor.
nobody slacked or wad.
everybody was in the sun having so much fun!
just like last year's 412.. (:

then after that, baby, me, brandon and daryl went to watch movie at e-hub.
watched the 72 tenants of prosperity..
many hong kong actors.
nice and funny.
but some parts sian.
wanna watch the hua tian xi shi thing. haha!

after that ate at fish and COLD!
off back home after white sands.

i then miss baby a lot! ):

early morning today, went baby's house.
baby just woke up! LOL!
wad a pig! hehehhe!

dan we play com, play wrestling!
and slack slack eat then talk talk play play!
fun you know.
aiya, you duno one! :D

then then, we all, prepared and went to 18 chefs to meet brandon.
ate ate talk talk play play and off we MRT-ed away.
say goodbyes to brandon.

dan me and baby walked home.
long walk. but times passed fast.
then we talk a lot.
wadevr i am thinking, is of no use.
baby's words just covered and comforted all of it.

walked walked and slacked at a void deck.
until kel called and said bye bye to baby!


p.s: baby, your blog so so dead!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

today had this ss lesson on the 911 incident.

i like!
i mean. i dun like that incident and feel terribly sorry for those ppl.

sept 11 2001, i must be like... dunno doing wad... dunno how old.
must be not aware of the happenings in new york and washington and wadevr.

in the lessons today,
i learnt that osama bin laden leader of al-qaeda was the mastermind behind it.
okay i noe i should have known early.
but usually when i was younger i langsung tak layan this kinda things one.
so ya.............

so 4 planes hijacked and wanna crash buildings in america.
1 plane kena hijacked crashed into the twin tower thing.
1 more plane hijacked and crashed into another side of the twin tower thing.
1 more plane kena hijacked and crashed into the pentagon in washington.

but the last plane damn different.
i take my hat off the people man.

the terrorist hijacked the plane.
the super patriotic citizens then hijacked the plane back.
they outwit the terrorist so li hai! :D
well well, nth to be happy.
but they were noble!

then the plane nvr crash into the whitehouse where the president stays.
the plane cannot land and crash into some other place.
eventually ppl there died.
on the plane itself.

very wei da can!!!

ok la.
i noe i bo liao to the max.
but when teacher explaining this topic the whole class the mood sank lor.
everyone become super quiet..
like everyone felt for the thing liao. ):

and i realise i noe this topic from my head.
so engrossed that i actually memorised! muhahahas!
off to watch more 911 videos!

zai jian!

and bless those deads and injured on the 911 incident!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



while waiting for my hair to dry,
i shall blog.

CNY eve:
  • ate steamboat. yum yum cos am so hungy!!!!
  • slacked and used com then go dwn play fireworks.
  • went to Loyang TPG next.
  • go there ppl mountain ppl sea.
  • went up to "jie cai shen" and i swear this will be the last tym i'm doing that.
  • kinda funny cos you can see ppl quarreling! ahas!
  • homed after so long and slept!
  • would rather not talk bout it.
  • at night, baby came to gimme a surprise!
  • he's the sweetest guy i love!
  • slacked at prata with ting and kel too!
  • went home sleep!
  • woke up arnd 6am.
  • bathed, got ready and bus-ed to Beebee's house.
  • bai nian-ed, everyone woke up, watched tv, got ready.
  • went down and his family and relatives were there.
  • so pai seh at first but eventually things got better. :D
  • boarded a van. cramped and hot. but its okay cos only a short trip.
  • saw baby's passport! SO.......................... haha! i think mine's worse!
  • reached Kukup after 2 hours?
  • had lunch and it was nice!
  • went into the chalet after a super long walk. HOT HOT HOT!
  • went in play play slack slack.
  • baby sings well!!!!!!
pls allow me to cut in between,
baby had his afternoon sleep!
he FYI it was very cold.
and he was covered in 3 blankets and a jacket thanks to YOU KNOW WHO! :D
he woke up and got so high he wanna challenge wrestling with me.
very fun you noe! i nvr noe wrestling could be so fun!
you of cos noe hu win la! that pig lor!
he's good in wrestling i good in cheating!!!! :D

  • had dinner! sumptuous one! (:
  • played the crackers, REAL FIREWORKS! and those explosive stuffs!
  • so so noisy but it was really nice. just imagine colourful sparks lit up the dark dark sky. very loud crackers sounds filled the quiet night atmosphere.. jealous not?!?! :D
  • did a lot of things and finally, retired for the day!

  • which meant today, woke up and bathed so early!
  • baby was still sleeping. he dun wanna wake up.
allow me to cut through again.
BABY dun wanna let ME sleep and keep disiao-ing ME up!
BABY use his index finger as MAO MAO CONG and tickle ME up! ZHANG BU DA!
dan ME still dun wanna wake up and BABY bu fu qi!
BABY so lame use 10 fingers as 10 MAO MAO CONGS!
that worked quite well for ME and ME woke up immediately!

(FYI: its a bluff... change the BABY to ME and ME to BABY and re-read the convo again! :D)

ok, now you got it.
i made him hiccup!
and i poured water for him!

  • played blacjack with some ppl and no win no lose.
  • dan time's up and have to walk out again.
  • maybe because i was happily talking with my beloved boyfriend, the walk became short!
  • walked walked around and it was so hot and stuffy!
  • lunched after so so finally!
  • boarded the van after that and shoo! off we headed for SG!
  • reached SG and went to baby's house wait for him to get ready.
  • bus-ed to siglap and pig alighted and cabbed to alvin's house and i went to brandon's house
  • Blackjack-ed and no win lose again!
  • homed not long after.

Thanks baby for the wonderful trip!
love you lots!
more than anything! :D

Back from Kukup.

no pics but memories a lot.

currently have no mood to post.
will blog about it tonight or tmr. :D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

my valentine!

Today is CNY.
let's not talk about it.
i'm very bored!
this year's CNY is boring.

today is VALENTINE!
it is supposed to be a day spent with your other one.
but with the influx of people visiting your house and you going to bai nian.
no much couples will have time for each other!

after spending boring times in and out of house,
ng yuting called me.
she asked me to go down and pass her the plaster cos her leg pain.
without much hestitation, i went down with two plasters in my hand.

reached the lobby of my house only to find out that baby was there.
i swear i was so tongue tied i dunno wad to say.
he was holding a bouquet of ferrero rochers.
and a pig in a plastic bag.
at that instant i didn't know how to react.

i love you baby!
i love you alot! thank you!!!!

and as for now, meet my valentine presents.

oh hai!
i'm pigpig!
i'm still inside the plastic cos i dun want to be dirty yet!
i am so cute!
sylvia loves me!

now, for the bouquet of ferrero rocher.
its just so sweet!
wad more, its the FIRST TIME i'm receiving it.
i can't bear to eat it.
i like!
and now, baby,
thank you so much.
ya, i noe i said this many times already.
but i just dunno how to react.
i love you!
thank you so much!

happy cny and valentine!



Stanley baby:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

love, in the air. me, in the you.

Lack of post i know!

today is the 13th,
all the best!

i forgotten wad i did through the week.

3rd month anni on thurs,
pig and me went to eat at 18 chefs.
dan we walked around!
folding hearts on the way.

met kel and jun hui, slack slack a while and baby sent me home! :D
happy 3 months 2 days baby! :D

happy 10mths ting and kel.
sku's performance was quite alright!
pig mei you go sku!
dan later met him.

trained to city hall after many things and met ting and kel at sakae.
had our lunner there.
super full.
walked to flyer there and bla bla bla! BLA! you noe BLA!?!?! LOLS!

dan slacked outside popeyes.
walked over to the seaside there.
was about to sit down and the fireworks came out.
sparks shooting into the sky, with your love one by your side!
how nice! :D

talk talk and walked to chun dao he pan.
some chinese festival thingy.

see the uncle ringo's ride like damn shiok! haha!
but its damn ex and damn scary!
not for the faint hearted like YOU! hahahs! kidding!

went to pig's house to ton after that.
he is a blanket snatcher! :D
but i love him all the same!

came back this morning.
and stopped my housekeeping cos i have a sore eyes.
the dust are flying around!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i'm so lagging without many pics.
lazy to uplaod them.
they go as far as the kite day.


i like this flyer pic a laot! :D

taken by my lousy G700.

Monday, February 8, 2010




i'm just.

interesting one! í promise! :D

Friday, February 5, 2010


So baby dun worry,
you are my only.
you wun be lonely,
even if the sky is falling down.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Tiring Thursday.
Torturing Thursday.

school was so boring as usual.
had some stupid quarrels with ziyu.
in a stupid way la....... zzz!

dan lessons lessons.

bla bla..

tmr is meet the parents session.
i dun even dare to ask my dad go la.
cos of last year.

last year, my dad went to the MTP.
dan he go hall while i go for my prefect duty.
dan halfway, he called me to go parade square.
when i reached, he was already sitting there.
so i asked him wad happened.

and he said.
inside the hall very hot and stuffy.
and he dun understand wad the principal talking.
and he's the only parent to walk out of the hall and go dwnstairs sit.


my father.
ya. dunno is cute or wad.

miss the pig super duper loads.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i love you pig!


wonderful wednesday.

and and.
shall skip everything and go to the kiteeee part.
kite flying today was confusing.
got one time, the kite crossed to the other part of the interchange!


but everything went okay afterwards.

and did i mention, my pig had a haircut.
i love it.
like how i love you stanleyowz! :D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

where the pig?

(pen-pal from aussie sent me this when i told her somethings! :D )
p.s: but obviously, the chinese words aren't from her la.

today is quite a fun day at school.
and rather a memorable one.

Pe was lethargic. we ran and ran.
my legs..... going to break.

Chemistry was a total disaster.
Very funny.

we had this test.
and after the test, mr boon ask us to take out textbook and read.
but we din bring ma.
and also... last tym keep bringing but he neh use! XD

so me and yuting stared blankly at each other.
dan we though of the same thing whereby weeks ago, i told her and ziyu.
"Everytime we bring book, teacher never use. We dun bring, we're out of the room"
and 3 of us went ROFL.
i even joked that i wanna create the facebook group la! haha!

ok.. back to chem.
M. Boon was so pissed. cos the whole class besides 2 guai guais in bring.
he was so pissed that for a moment, he said. i dunno how to teach.
dan we all had to stand up. hahah! SO DUMB!

recess... bla bla. get to see pig! loves!

dan later. SS. nonsenced around.
maths... someone have to PLAGERISE HER OWN HOMEWORK LOR!
i dunno who! :X

assembly was full of shit.
so boring.

i dunno why i blogged everything.

i wanna sleep soon already.

dun miss me.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Good news should always comes first,
so i shall now say that after i send numerous bowling buddies challenge to the pig,
he won like no one's business.
like as if, it was so easy.
i was struggling to play that game lor! ><>

Then, i challenged baby to play on msn.
the all star bowling.
i used to be very pro one okay!
note: keyword there is USED TO! :D

er're still playing and he's winning.
so he asked me to screenshot! haha!
and i tested first.
after playing, this was my results.
the pig won! :D

its getting pretty late now.
nah. i m just lazy.
so i shall end the post here.

baby, i love you lots!! :D



today is a boring day.
today is a sleepy day.

i m sleeping soon.

i dunno why am i bothering to blog.

afterall, same old things.