Saturday, October 31, 2009

i'm happy because i can finally say, i let go(:

Yoyo people,
i just came back from chalet not long ago.
and i just bathed and waiting for my hair to dry...
so i just blog briefly((:
Pictures with yu ting.
will post when i get them(:

Ytd, reached chalet and placed stuffs dwn.
dan went for work.
after work, super heavy rain! (MOOD SPOILER RAIN)
so many people were stuck at diff places.
thanks to hero jun hui who brought umbrella for us(:

went in and bla bla bla!
talk talk!
and dan went out for a walk.
fun walking! i wasn't scared at all(:
at least i had my jacket.

after that went back to chalet.
talk talk also.
and dan went to mac.
chatted, ate and monopolied there!
fun fun!

Went back chalet again.
most of the people sleeping already.
so left with me, yu ting, kelvin and stanley.
crapped around.
damn funny sia!
can't sleep at all...
but it was really fun!

i think we made quite a lot of noise too! :X
we kept laughing.
jeslin ho also laughing.
so we laughed even louder!

Morning came,
we all went home.

and here i am.

going back there later! (:
but might not be tonning!

update again! (:


Friday, October 30, 2009

its a sunny yellow! banana day!

Hello ppl!
watchhing my SHUAI GE AO QUAN videos now!
school was fine.
many turned up!
off to chalet leh leh leh leh! (:

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hello ppl! (:

did a lot of things.
secret! XD

back to the disaster!
many homeworks undone!

off to chiong liao!


chalet is tmr!
can't wait! (:



Hello earthlings!

i dunnno why back and tummy have rashes.
damn disgusting!
and mummy told me dun go sku!
muhahah! After much persuassion though! haha

and mr wee sms me a very serious msg!
call parents!
i ask mummy to stand by already! ehhehe!
see i'm not lying!
cos my mother always puts school before anything else! haha!


off to work!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i'm sorry; i did a bad job.

i don't care air air air air air! (:

i'm back from the super . . . bridging programme.
Today's attendance was worse than ytd.
But today was much more fun yesterday.
In the morning, VP came and talk to us.
dan we went for CHEM!
can you imagine?
dan F&N. Kinda boring. 2 hours and it kills.
Recess... crapped around.
MT was funny la!
stupid Kenneth Tan!
laughing like ass!
i'm off to facebook and thenn,
bathe and sleep!
And i'm not a PIG(:
lastly, a nice song!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I changed my blogskin already.
shall leave it as it is until someone says its ugly!

And when i take a look at my previous posts.
i said "shit"!

cant wait for bridging programmes to end.
dun even noe if i'll attend!
Who going?

ok la! nites ppl(:


p.s: finally i can use all the light light colours^^

Sku is boring! ):


today, i was very very lonely!
Bridging programme was so so so so boring!
i felt so sleepy throughout.

Just one word to describe it.
out ouf so many ppl in the whole NA cohort,

i think 30 ppl turned up?
Presentees combined to form not more than a class.
Tsk tsk.

F&N was de worst.
There was only me and Jackson.
MT, F&N and Maths got hmwk already!

thinking of whether should i go tmr and de rest of the week and next week.
But, for the sake of sec 5.
Just go lor.


ok luhs.
i need my beauty sleep already.

Monday, October 26, 2009

shui shuo bu neng hei bai pei?


i'm restless already!
can't believe i still have the energy to blog!

Just now went AMK for some reasons.
so i'm suppose to go to a clinic at Blk 422!
i was at Blk 425 and i tot i was lost.
425 and 422 is only 3 blocks away! OMG!
i forgotten lah!
my whole mind only 422 422 422! ><

so i walked over to the main road and ALMOST WANTED to hail a cabb!
suddenly suddenly i turned a bit "cleverer".
i walked a few more blocks and reached 422!
FINALLY! i almost wasted $$. LUCKY^^

the weather was so hot!
The sun was so bright.
i was sweating like mad.
so i should thus conclude that at that point of time,

so went inside.
The man ask me to take out my necklace, earrings(4), and my amulet.
i was struggling lah!
and my earring, one of them very tee kee!
just dunwan come out. ass!

finished liao went AMK hub walk walk.
see see...
dan went to buy durian pancakes.
dun noe they sell such nice pancakes for only $1.50.
all Humans should try!

i might feel lonely.
but i'm not! (:

ok lah!
going to watch baibai later!

byes bye!

p.s: mummy says we are going THAILAND in DEC after GENTING!

fun after fun! (:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

awww! i love my life!

Heyo! (:

Reached back CC already!
FINALLY! haha!

and also, i already bought my contact lens solution!
cos it was cheap ma.
so i bought 3 at one go!
typical singaporean i know!
but at least i'm proud to be one! (:

The O levels people are taking their papers already!
Last struggle le! do well ppl! (:
jia yous
Meiqi Twinneh, Brandon leader, Jayson Gor and many many others who are taking it!

Tmr going for x-ray!
at AMK!
can go AMK hub walk walk!
like so fun!
but super lonely la!
its okay la! (:

and i'm in love with Xiao Zhong de taiwanese guy!

time to chiong ICY TOWER again!
come and beat me lah! (:

byes byes!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

technology brings ppl closer.


it's 11.23pm and i'm in BB!
BB is Bukit Batok.
and its my mother's shop.
thats how i refer to it la.

but whenever i say, my mother shop,
ppl will go like...
your parents divorce ah?
cos i living my grandma.
just to say,
i grew up with my grandma in CC.
my parents work at BB.
so i have two house.
i have a happy family!


today came here,
eat eat, play play, talk talk, shop shop!
its fun la!
just came back from IMM!
bought lots of things.
and also, luckily dad came and fetch us!
taxi stand so long queue!

and suzanne,
the witch, went to di siao kids again!
ER WU PO ma!
cannot blame!

ok la!
i gotta sleep...
maybe watch TV first!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hongster never die!


back from work and such le!


today's work is not bad.

but i was sleepy throughout lah!

sian! sleepy! lonely!

LOL! like so pathetic but actually not! haha!

played psp and went online!

using their wireless!

its very cool okay!

almost wanted to blog with it.

but it wud take me ages and ages.

so sian!

recently no pics!

hen sian hor?

ok! everybody! go sleep!

nites! (:


Flames to dust,
Lovers to friends,
Why do all good things come to an end?

Going off to work liao!
sleepy still! NOT STEEL!
early in de morning made breakfast.
and later, mayabe going to put contacts to work!
hurray! (:

updates at nites!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

trying my best. and you too(:

Long long day today.

Opening of the shop was fun.
Was easier dan expected.
business was no good.
but was slack.

hungry the whole day and went home.

Had a really nice chat with him.
thanks for telling me all these.
you know who you are.
many things, sorted properly(:

Lead nice life ahead yoh!! (:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

funs and laughter.

Hey people. Had wonderful monday, tuesday and wednesday! ^^

Top one with Fc.
i did blog bout that! (:

was kinda scared at first.
but boss alan is very very friendly.
and we have to be in charge of opening!
he passed me a big big bunch of keys!
so so so a big responsibility. !!
i promise to work hard.
low pay but nice experience.(:

Wednesday (today):
Sentosa outing with,
YuTing, Kelvin, Stanley, Jun Hui, Alvin, Darren, Kenneth, Alan and 2 others.
nvr went out with them b4.
but they are a nice lot of ppl! (:
Firstly, Ng YuTing is pai seh-ed by a plastic bag and mentos incident! ROFL
Secondly, me and ting were hopping mad for the hunt for comb! ):
Thirdly, We threw sands at each other.(:
Forthly, Always bring toiletries and extra clothing to Sentosa!
Fifthly, Thanks ting for lending me your stuffs! ^^ ♥ you lots!
i enjoyed myself today! ^^

Contact Lens:
Finally thanks to Miss Ong's help, i managed to put my contacts in! (:
I took around 20 mins to put it in and 10 mins to take it out!
WOW! hahaha!
she taught me thru webcams!
and she made a funny chicken sound(:
♥ you too! ^^

Picture today! (:

Picture on Monday! ^^

Hongster Nvr Die!
Ting and Meiqi Will agree with me! ((:

Monday, October 19, 2009

sing sang sung.

Yo yo!

went out today!
firstly, to top one with fan club!
had fun singing and taking pics.
alright, i nvr take pics la!
my phone camera is completely dead when one shone her compaq and another one's SLR.
so, nvr take pics la!!!!!!!!! ):
so sing sang sung.

went to Ate at Junction w/o bran.
dan me and MQ trained to AMK.
walked around at AMK hub...
smth terrible happened there la!
i pray and hope nobody will noe!
OMG! i will die of shame!
but Meiqi, i really do noe that it is a TUNA ok!!!

dan bused all the way to her grandma's house at AMBANG.
dan used com and wait and bla bla.
her mother fetch us to eat BEEHOON! (:
nice nice nice nice nice!!
but hor, no lala! sad for MQ! haha!

so they sent me home after that(:

i had a fun day today.! (:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

i cut everything.
they just tear in front my my very eye.
de major string snapped upon de snip of the scissors.
i knew, no more.

I let it go. Pls go away.

Just came back from BB.
its super hot hot hot and hot!
i dunno how i actually survived these 2 days.
at least,
i m happy!

walked a lot in town de day b4.
leg almost went lame.

work starting on tues.
suz will be joining me.

i dunno wad else to add...
nothing really interesting had happened.
this shows how a no life i am.
but i will not stop here.
i will go further dan expected.

moral of the day:
nobody can look dwn on nobody because nobody is better dan nobody.

if i'm worse, you're worse off
if i'm bad, you are badder,
if i'm dead, you wun be spared either.

Its nice to noe some real stuffs(:
at least, when i 'died', i noe how i was 'dead'.
its very very nice. (:
i'm feeling much more happier.
at least, some part of me came back to me.

wadevr it is,
beauty is in de eye of the beholder.
so, i shouldn't even be sadder.

the last cry, ytd,
marks the end of everything.
no matter wad.
Good luck to both of you ok?!? (:

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hello ppl!

currently in BB now.
Really damn sian!
nthh to do man!

But luckily got Ya Qi's lappy la!
for the one and only chance to blog.

Today is rather a very hot day.
And finally i've finished my class tee's distribution and stuffs.
Next up is class chalet already.
another hectic time.

Miss facebooking a lot though.
addicted to it already.
but nvms.

monday will be another day out with fan club.
it been so long since we last hang out together.
gonna enjoy!
and maybe, de day of my third piercing!
my fan club shall witness me in pain!!!

i guess i'll just have to stop here.
and meiqi, your outing report, by next week!
all well done and planned! (:


♥ ♠ ♣

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back blogging! ^^

for the past few days, stayed at home de whole day.
facebook and msn facebook and msn..
totally no life luhs.
and everyday play till damn late.
very late dan sleep.
dan afternoon sleep again.
body de alarm clock already changed already luhs!
Sian ):

for today,
went sku early in de morning for Graduation Ceremony.
Quite cool la.
although, ...................
nvm... but still, today might be my last day in ping yi!
i hope not man!!
but, with the rest of the friens leaving................ ):

i think anything not impt.
impt thing is that i got a job already..
just realised most impt is not the salary or wadevr la.
i just wanna get an experience. (:
and i'm working at ebub for the time being.
just near the arcade.
come find me buy things okay? haha!

shall end it here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

water baby! (:

Once upon a time,
there many many colourful water babies lying around.
the pink ones and de girl girl colour ones.
the blue ones and de boy boy colour ones.

they were all water babies until hours later.............

the girl girl colour ones became water girl
the boy boy colour ones became water boy.

and all of them lived happily ever after!




哟! 大家好吗?
我整天在家就是玩电脑, 讲电话, 东看看, 西望望!
好没情趣 !! ):


也许, 再过一阵子, 假期会更好玩!((:
没有啦.. 没那么夸张.. 呵呵...


总之, 用华语就好象再和自己说话!


Sunday, October 11, 2009


I hate to have sensitive skins.
My skin itch a lot when i change nto using a different body foam.
Rashes turns out and i look like i have chicken pox.
And when going to the open sea, i must take a pill first.
If not i will look very terrible and itch a lot after a while.

I hate to have sensitive nose.
Especially in the morning.
Or during temperature unbalanced time.
i sneeze like a pig.
waste tissue like mad.

Flames to Dust

Hey yo yo! (:
its afternoon now.
i spent the whole of my afternoon on com! haha!
slept quite late ytd also...
but i woke at 10am today! hahaha!
and one big big news is that:
how great! ((:
happy like mad luhs.
this holiday will be going two times.
yayness la!!
ok ok. hahha!
now i gotta find something to do!
see you! :D
p.s : ppl hu are having EOYs, good lucks oh! (:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

sec 5, i want you!

its night time already.
i was hoping for some interesting stuffs to happen.
budden hor, ya la... liddat.

basically i stayed at home de whole day.
and i was friggin packing all my secondary school stuffs and sorting them out.
and i put all those worksheets and notes all those papers one side.
its sucha big big pile can!
like mountain liddat.

plus all my tb...
i have all my tb and wkbk from sec 1 to 4...
and i left them on one side.

and all those can throw i throw.
all those can recycle, i recycle.
not funny.... a big big stack.
but the recycled ones i cut them into half and stack them.
next tym need to use dan use.
ok la... not i tear... thanks joey for tearing it. hahah!
*in case you wanna noe how thick, its 6 fingers thick*

and this does not mean, i wanna put a fullstop to secondary education.
this means that... i need to pack.
i still keep all those notes and boooks.
i'm going back for bridging programme.
lao tian ye... see my sincerity... lemme go sec 5 bah...
qiu qiu ni ahhh ! :/

oh ya...
i feel strange... my messy table have since became an empty table.
very empty...
so ugly...
bye bye(:

morning morning (:

Hey Hey!

Its morning 9.10am .
good morning everyone! (:

slept arnd 2am ytd!
everyone was so shocked that sylvia lo could actually tahan till that late!
i not so pigggg ok?!?!?

and today morning, i woke up look at my phone.
its only 7.43am lor.
i tried to sleep .
but cannot leh.....
dan toss and tuurn.
and wake up play com.
hopefully, today got some interesting things happening,
dan i can blog again!

stay tuned ok?!?!?

p.s: Thanks to those out there in FB who scolded that naveed guy like shit!
i hope i wun become Racist, LOL! [thanks jayson gor] :D

Friday, October 9, 2009



its just a warning to myself that i am inviting too much trouble.
jia lat lat lat la!

i wanna ask mummy for permission to go genting with meiqi,
but right,
i scared she dun let leh...

and lalala!
(BMs) are going to attack me already.
lucky i no need to go sku that often anymore.

today fun right missy ong?
laugh laugh laugh!
love u twinneh!
and mq, u wanna noe wad de above paragraph means, ask me k!!
and take a look at my title of the post! ROFL.

and not to forget my yu ting and my amandy,
and yuting's ahkel de crybaby.
i saw both plus one more of them.
they are going to journey point tmr!
love you all too! (:

free already^^

Hey hello ppl! ((:

Today, Friday, 9 october 2009, my last paper!!!
super high.! hahah

ok la.... just get to the main point.
actualy there's nth much to be happy about.
becos i dun have much confidence in some of the papers.
but at least i did try my best...
and i believe everyone did too! (:

throughout this one week,
i did study.
i did slack.
so.... wadevr it is....
no point to continue brooding or talking over it lahh...
my papers are all taking aeroplane over to cambridge already.
just hope for all de best for the results.
*cross finger*

ok as for now,
just a slight update bout wad i have been doin.
cant rmb when and where i went.
cant rmb a lot of things.

but that day when i went mac with stanley ong,
i realised clowns are very irritating.
RONALD MACDONALD that clown...
ya! he's very irritating when he sits dwn.
and CLOWNS are my new
red hair emo man..

See wad i mean:

ronn Pictures, Images and Photos

i dun understand why must they have that black thing under their eyes!
so creepy...
thought thet are suppose to bring laughters'around.
but that made them look so EMO! =(
alrights, shall stop b4 anymore sue me!!! XD


pics pics pics! ((:
i love you sylvia,
i super love you!
sylvia do you love me?
yes i do!


ending this post with a wide wide smile! :D

Thursday, October 1, 2009

take care boy...

N levels are coming.


will be right back after N's!

i love my class! i love 412!